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Self Care When You Are Caring For a Child With Special Needs

There is always so much talk about how Moms need to care for themselves so that they are able to care for their children. When…

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How This Overprotective Mom Allowed Her Daughter to Go to a Music Festival

      This weekend, my daughter asked to go to a four day music festival, and immediately my mind went to the dark side….

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16 Things Your Teen Son Won’t Tell You

  My son is 24 and my heart aches sometimes. I don’t get to see him pop his head into the kitchen in the morning….

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Movies to Watch With Your Tween That Won’t Make You Cringe

    Isn’t it so hard to find a decent movie to watch with your tweens?! Finding a movie to watch with your tween boys…

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Talking About Her First Period

How to talk to your daughter about her first period: Tips to Help   This week I was enlightened about puberty, the latest menstrual inventions,…

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Hi. I’m Sheryl.

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My passion and mission for MOTTS was born out of my personal journey – a journey that took me from a place of being fearful to show others the real me, to a place of slowly opening my heart to being authentic; a place of shame wanting to hide my challenges and struggles to experiencing the grace and love of being known and accepted; a place of not knowing what to do, to a place of experiencing the healing, wisdom, and transformation that comes from being a part of a community of women who are willing to share their hearts and allow themselves to be seen and known.

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