One of the most rewarding aspects of MOTTs  has been the feedback and stories women have so openly shared with me—describing the growth they have experienced and the value MOTTs has brought to their lives.

With their approval, I’d love to share their testimonials with you.


“I have been a part of MOTTS for several years and it has been an amazing growing and learning process for me.  Sheryl and the group have helped me to grow personally as well as helped me to enrich my relationships with my family and friends. MOTTS has truly made a huge impact on my life. Thank you, Sheryl and my MOTTS sisters, for all your support, love and friendship!”

Julie A.


“The MOTTS community has helped me grow and learn some very important things while navigating real-world difficulties with my teenagers. There are tons of books about taking care of babies and teens yet the greatest source of my help, inspiration and information as a parent have been from other moms.  I’ve also learned that in order to fill my families proverbial “cups,” I have to focus on filling my “cup” first. And, even the apparently “best of the best” moms out there struggle too.

MOTTs supports me without judging, helps without asking for anything in return, and encourages me along my journey. Sheryl, in turn, provides real-world, practical feedback and advice without judgment and with the true spirit that can peacefully lead hearts and souls to find answers.”

Mary H.


“Motts has been a blessing in my life. I started my MOTTs journey just over 2 years ago. I share a special bond with the members of our group. Over time, we have really grown to trust and deeply care for one another and help each other overcome personal & family challenges. The tools Sheryl provides have proven to be invaluable. My family has benefited from the work I have done with our MOTTs group. Thanks for sharing your hard work and knowledge, Sheryl. “

Teri A.


“As someone who is trained as a therapist myself and can often get stuck in my head, Sheryl has a special gift of compassionately guiding me to my heart. Her wisdom, soulfulness, and genuine love for those she counsels is very rare. I am blessed to have her counsel and support in my life.”

Amy H.

“In my MOTTS group, I really feel like I have a team of moms that are there to support me as navigate the journey of raising kids. They are always there share a laugh and a cry, usually at the same time. Sheryl also provides us with tools to be more prepared for new situations or potential conflicts with my teenagers. Through this group I have learned to respond vs react.”

Shawn W.


Hi. I’m Sheryl.

Welcome to my heart, my story, and my love for Moms of Tweens and Teens.

My passion and mission for MOTTS was born out of my personal journey – a journey that took me from a place of being fearful to show others the real me, to a place of slowly opening my heart to being authentic; a place of shame wanting to hide my challenges and struggles to experiencing the grace and love of being known and accepted; a place of not knowing what to do, to a place of experiencing the healing, wisdom, and transformation that comes from being a part of a community of women who are willing to share their hearts and allow themselves to be seen and known.

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