The Moms of Tweens and Teens Community

The mission of our MOTTS community is to provide moms of adolescents with a resource to inspire personal growth and a community to foster comfort, support, and sisterhood.

It is a place where we are encouraged to be transparent and share our hearts and stories. This community will strive to provide reassurance, encouragement, and the chance to learn from one another so we can be the best moms and women we can possibly be.

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Our purpose is to address your questions, provide resources; to simply connect with you.

Are you interested in improving your life, your marriage or gaining some insight on parenting your adolescent? Contact me and we can talk about what coaching might look like and how I can support you. Read about my story, check out my coaching page to find out what I am all about and how I can help!

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Forum Guidelines
  • This group is confidential—anything shared here stays here.
  • Give yourself permission to genuinely show up, be honest, and share from your heart.
  • Practice being open and looking at issues from a new perspective.
  • Be respectful of each other’s differences of opinions and feelings. Rather than highlight differences, let’s encourage, inspire, support, and build one another up.
  • Please share from your own experience rather than attempting to fix or persuade someone else. Rather than saying, “You should do this,” share what you have found helpful. Maybe ask, “What do you think you want to do?” Or, “What have you tried?”
  • No politics, please! This topic tends to become heated and destroy the mission of this supportive community.
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