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Dec 23
Reflecting Back on the Year and Anticipating the Future By: Sheryl Gould

End of the Year Reflections

I LOVE new beginnings! I love to start fresh and renew my intentions. I get excited thinking about how I want to grow and what I want to create in my life, my relationships and my business in 2017.

What new things do I want to learn? What new adventures do I want to take? What matters the most to me? Where do I want to invest my time?

And in order to make these things happen, how willing am I to take risks and step out of my comfort zone? Exciting and scary! I call this ‘scar-excited!’

In anticipation of the coming year, I have found the process of reflecting on what has transpired over the past year to be meaningful and fruitful as I look forward to the year ahead.


Here are a few questions to reflect:


How have I grown?

What new things did I learn?

What did I learn about myself?

How was I challenged and stretched?

Where am I proud of myself?

What things of significance occurred?

What was I doing when I experienced the most joy?

What made me feel the most alive and provided me with the greatest sense of purpose?


Here are a few things I have learned this past year:


No matter how hard I try, I can’t control anyone but myself.

When I ask, “what can I learn from this challenge?”, I am less of a victim and more empowered.

Unconditional LOVE is truly is the answer and not always easy.

Having self-compassion and kindness expands and opens my heart to love others in powerful ways.

We are all interconnected and have so much more in common than I once believed.

I need God and others more than ever to live, love, and become my best self.

Investing and serving others brings me the greatest joy (as long as I am taking care of myself!).

It’s okay to not know or have the answers!

How about you? What have you learned over the past year?
What changes, challenges and situations have stretched you out of your comfort zone?
How would you like to continue to press in and grow in the coming year? What relationships would you like to improve?

What do you feel excited about? Scared about?
What new adventures might await?!

One reflects on the past in order to move forward. 2017 is full of opportunities.

You can create an extraordinary life by making the changes you need to make. What do you desire your life and relationships to look like? The process of writing down you thoughts forces you to gain clarity and reflect on what you want. You must be intentional.

No matter what you’ve experienced up until this point in your life, you really can design the life you want, and it can start with 2017!

Keep your eyes open for more to come on how you can create your best year yet in 2017!


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