Parenting Tips

Tween and Teenage Parenting—Tips, Support and Reassurance

As parents, we’ve all probably had a similar moment where we’ve asked, “What happened to my sweet little girl? The one who always told me how much she loved me and where I couldn’t seem to do wrong.” Like me, you might have witnessed the tween and teenage years transform your little princess into a complete stranger—one you can’t quite understand at times.

I know many parents wish their children came with instruction manuals, especially for parenting tweens and teenagers. Unfortunately, there’s no such support, however, MOTTs is here to provide you with an online resource of information and tips that will help guide you in your tween and teenage parenting journey. This section of MOTTs will provide many articles on parenting that will empower you as a mom—to laugh, cry, reflect and realize you’re not alone.

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