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How to Understand and Help Your Teen with Challenging Emotions, Attitudes, and Behaviors

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March 1st, 2nd, & 3rd - 1PM EST, 12PM CST, 10AM PST, 6PM U.K.

This live online course is completely free and it’s going to equip, encourage and help you provide your tween and teen with what they really need during these challenging times that we’re in.

  • Do you have a tween or teen that is struggling with anxiety or lacking motivation?
  • Are you exhausted from dealing with your teen's rollercoaster of emotions and the negative attitudes like disrespect, backtalk and power struggles?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you have no idea what to say to support them with whatever it is that they are going through?
  • Do you wonder how to get your teen to open up and talk to you? 
  • Do you feel frustrated, like nothing is working?
  • If you answered yes to any of the above, I encourage you to join me and other like-minded moms!


You're not alone... You're not failing... Help is here!

These Tools Will Help You Begin Understanding and Supporting Your Teen Right Away

  • Day One: March 1st How to Understand Your Teens Challenging Emotions, Attitudes, and Behaviors
  • Day Two: March 2nd How To Help Your Teen To Cope With Difficult Emotions
  • Day Three: March 3rd How To Help Your Teen Problem Solve and Become Resilient

    All Calls are at 1pm EST,
    12 pm CST, 9 am PST, 6 pm U.K.

About Sheryl Gould

Sheryl Gould is a parenting expert focusing on tweens and teens. Host of the Moms of Tweens and Teens Podcast, she is also the author of “SOS! The Technology Guidebook for Parents of Tweens and Teens: Get The Answers You Need, Keep Them Safe and Enjoy Your Kids Again” and her soon to be released book, “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Not A Bad Parent, and No Your Teen Really Doesn’t Hate You.”

She is the founder of Moms of Tweens and Teens, an international organization supporting moms to grow in their self-awareness, become more effective parents, and build stronger connections with their adolescents and families.

Sheryl is a master at providing simple, practical tools, backed by solid research and real-life stories that will help you understand your adolescents on a deeper level. She teaches how to communicate so one can start building real connections, love, and trust; in order to raise emotionally healthy, happy, and responsible adults.

What other moms are saying...

"I am amazed at how much I now see my past influencing the way I interact with my kids and even husband. I never truly realized that until reflecting on it today. I am soooo grateful for what you are doing here!"


"Sheryl’s strategies really work incredibly well and have been a game-changer for our family. She puts a whole new spin on how to look at things and how to change our parenting approach to then change our child’s behavior."


"In a time of navigating emotions, indecisions, moodiness all in a new tech-savvy world - this is a refreshing place to come and not feel so all alone. Thank you to Sheryl for guiding us on this journey."


“After reading a few of the suggestions Sheryl made and applying them to my own personal situation with my kids, I immediately saw a different reaction to their attitude and how they responded to me. In a normal situation that would usually trigger a negative response, by using Sheryl’s recommendations, the situation was calm and peaceful.  That to me is worth so much!”

- Stephanie B.

This time is precious. Make this time the best time.

It’s going to be an encouraging time with other moms in the trenches right alongside of you!

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What do you have to gain?

  • Peace: You’ll enjoy your kids and family more and get rid of the stress and resentment that sucks your energy and joy.
  • Confidence: You'll break free from self-doubt, gain clarity and the skills to effectively support your tween/teen through these crucial years.
  • Connection: You'll be so happy that what you've learned is working - your tween/teen is talking to you and you're enjoying each other again.
  • Time: You'll make up for lost time and invest in what really matters - your relationship and helping them to thrive.

All of this support is free!

But it won't last forever...