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Parenting Tweens And Teens Can Be Hard,

Exhausting, Scary, Confusing, And Lonely.

Some days it can feel like you're failing.


What's It All About?

Moms of Tweens and Teens Inner Circle Membership is a place where you can come and know you’re not alone, a place where you won’t be judged, a place where you will be encouraged and supported raising your tweens and teens.


We believe that incredible things happen when moms come together.


Parenting tweens and teens can be challenging, and if that’s not enough, it can also be exhausting, scary, confusing and lonely.

Have you ever felt like…

  • You’re doing great one day and the next day you feel like you’re failing as a mom and have no idea what you’re doing?

  • You’re discouraged when you see other moms Facebook posts or hear another mom talking about how well her kids are doing and you feel like you have to lie and say, “everything’s fine.”
  • You’re lonely, because you don’t have other moms that you’re  comfortable sharing your struggles with and you need reassurance that you’re not the only one dealing with the challenges that you’re facing raising your kid in today’s culture. 

Wouldn’t it be nice...

  • To know you’re not alone?

  • To connect with a non-judgemental community of like-minded moms who share their challenges, encourage and reassure one another that you’re not failing?   

  • Strengthen your relationship during this time when your tween or teen is pulling away?

  • Gain clarity about what works and what doesn’t work.

  • Find the answers to your questions in a supportive environment?

Here's The Truth...We Can Help

You’re not alone! We’re here to help! Join our village!

Raising our tweens and teens in today’s culture is hard. It can be overwhelming, scary, confusing, exhausting and lonely. It can be like you’re riding a roller coaster and you're alone, there are ups and downs, you’re scared, you’re not sure what you’re doing and you love your kids.

Here's What You Will Find in the Inner Circle

Videos Resources and Tools

  • New videos uploaded weekly on a variety of parenting topics from basic to deeper dives.
  • Tools like scripts, ebooks and printables to help you deal with common parenting challenges; technology, disrespect, boundaries, homework, building confidence, empowering your kids to be responsible, just to name a few!

Our Online Community

  • A Living Facebook Community where you can interact with other moms just like you.
  • Gain reassurance and encouragement.
  • Get all of your important questions answered in real time.
  • Have important discussions with like-minded moms going through the same challenges you are as you raise your teens and tweens.

Two EBooks Just For Joining Us!

  • How to Handle Disrespect - Do you may feel overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated -- like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster and all you want to do is get off?!  Disrespectful behaviors and attitudes are one of the most common complaints and challenges of parents raising a tween or teen- Learn how to end disrespect and raise a respectful adult.
  • What Your Tween or Teen Needs From You - In this EBook learn the #1 most powerful way to connect with your teen or tween. You will be able to connect with your child because you will be giving them what they really need.

Access to Workshops, Parent Coaching Call Recordings and Interviews

  • Join Sheryl as she livestreams interviews weekly with experts in the parenting community! Ask questions live or ask them as you watch the replay and get personal responses!
  • Join us for our workshops at a special discounted rate - learn the tools to help you with technology, disrespect, communication and so much more!
  • Have immediate access to any pre-recorded interviews and workshops!

Live Coaching Calls With Renowned Parent Expert and Author Sheryl Gould 

Including Live Q&A!

Weekly access to Renowned Parenting Educator and Author Sheryl Gould, and other Parenting Experts and Authors that will guide, equip and empower you to raise a healthy, happy, responsible young adult that is ready to make a difference in the world.

Sheryl will personally support you, answer your questions and address your specific challenges with whatever you're going through and wherever you're at on this parenting journey.

Please join us for only the price of a cup of coffee!

$4.99 a month!

What Other Moms are Saying


What a treasure to find this page of support! In a time of navigating emotions, indecisions, moodiness all in a new tech-savvy world, this is a refreshing place to come and not feel so alone. Thank you to Sheryl for guiding us on this journey. Thank you to all for sharing your vulnerability and authenticity without judgement from others. I learn so much from all who participate on this page.



I am grateful for a safe place to find answers to questions relating to parenting the fun years of tweens and teens. A group of parents, lead by Sheryl, who has live chats and helps moderate to keep this online place a safe environment, is a great fit for me! 



I love our group of moms! It's nice to have the support of other moms that face different and similar challenges. It offers a different perspective and new ideas and gives us a place to vent or share our victories as moms of our tweens and teens ‘cuz let’s face it, it’s hard!


Featured Here

Sheryl Gould
Sheryl Gould is the author of "SOS! The Technology Guidebook for Parents of Tweens and Teens - Get The Answers You Need, Keep Them Safe and Enjoy Your Kids Again" and the upcoming book “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Not A Bad Parent, and No Your Teen Doesn’t Really Hate You." She is a Parenting Expert and the Founder and Executive Director of Moms of Tweens, a national organization that has grown by 30,000 in the last two years.

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