“Tell me what it is that you plan to do with your one and only precious life.” Mary Oliver

Welcome to my One-on-One Coaching Page!

If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re curious about coaching and want to improve your life in some way. I would be honored to work with you. My coaching sessions can be conducted via phone, Skype or in person—depending on your needs.

Possible coaching topics include:

Parenting: Gain the support, encouragement, and tools to become a more conscious and effective parent.

Relationships: Learn practical skills to improve your communication, foster better relationships, and deepen intimacy.

Personal Growth: Create more joy, tap into your passions, learn to love and take better care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Become more of the person you want to be.

Through my 15 years of personal coaching, I have helped other women cultivate more meaningful and satisfying relationships and experience transformational change and growth in all areas of their lives.

My approach, style, and the potential benefits of coaching with me:

I believe the best way to explain my approach is to hear from those who have experienced my one-to-one coaching:

Sheryl’s desire for growth is inspiring and infectious. She is like the mother many of us didn’t have—nurturing yet firm, challenging yet compassionate. She’s a great listener, sees the big picture, and is delightful to be with. I can’t recommend Sheryl highly enough! 

Kathleen D.

Sheryl has a warm and compassionate way of telling the truth in love while supporting me to look at what’s going on beneath the surface. Sheryl is wise, insightful, and discerning. She has helped me to personally change, grow in my relationships, and connect more deeply with myself, God, and others. 

Laila B.

Sheryl has been a tremendous support to me on my journey of personal growth and transformation. She has inspired and challenged me to become my best self through insightful feedback with humility and graciousness. She is a safe and warm person full of good humor and an easy demeanor. Her ability to tap into the incredible potential within every person is an unbeatable combination in a life coach.

Kathleen S.

Sheryl has equipped and inspired me to consider more for myself in all aspects of life. I am better able to love my family and myself.  I have reached new levels of emotional, spiritual and physical growth. I have developed more strength, courage, and self-respect with Sheryl walking along side me. She has also encouraged me to enjoy and have more fun in my life…..something she models well.

Suzanne L.

Together, we will design a vision to match your individual needs and create pathways that will lead you to the changes you desire to make in your life.

How it works with me:

Almost all of my coaching is done over the phone or via Skype. This allows me to work with women from near and far while making it super convenient for you and I to fit a session into our busy schedules.  I also see clients in my private, home office when the time and location work for you. Click here to learn about my session packages and fees.

Once you contact me, I will e-mail you to set up a 15-20 minute introductory call. We will discuss how coaching works and I will learn about you and what you are hoping to achieve.  If we decide to work together, I will send you information and questions that we will discuss during our first session. Session will then be every other week for a determined length of time—based on your unique needs and what works best for you.

I would love to join you on your journey!

Please complete this brief contact form and I will be in touch with you shortly.