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Awesome Halloween Costumes For Your Tween or Teen

best halloween costumes for my tween or teen

The Best (and Most Unique) Halloween Costumes For Your Tween or Teen

Halloween is just around the corner, and every year I’d find myself running my kids to Target or Walmart at the last minute only to find nothing the right size or a crummy costume that I paid way too much for.

Let me help you save yourself some time and frustration and find a unique costume. Every item has high ratings and I’m confident will make you howl. Ha. Ha.

Here are the top picks.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if we found ourselves sneaking one of these on when our kids aren’t looking — they are way too much fun!

Funny Dinosaur Inflatable Costume Suit

81% of customers who bought this gave it 5 stars and expressed they had a blast wearing it.  Plus, it’s one size fits all!  People that reviewed the costume ranged from 5’2’ all the way up to over 6’ and claimed it fit great.

The Monster Bride Costume

If your daughter loves cute and scary this is the costume for her. The price is right and you don’t need to spend any money buying anything else to complete it. Includes stitch pattern top, tutu skirt, gloves, patterned footless tights, and veil.

Star Wars Stormtrooper

Praised as “the most realistic Stormtrooper costume you will find.” Great reviews, well made, includes mask and white jumpsuit.

Skeleton Gloves 12 Color Changeable Light Up Shows

Remember light brite (Am I dating myself?!!) This is even better. The only negative is your kids won’t want to take them off. 12 color, color changing – red, blue, white, orange, green, purple, pink, yellow, light green, light blue, light pink, lavender. Every time to press the button the color changes.

Wonder Woman

Your tween will be styling in this number! It’s a one-piece dress with armbands, a belt, and metallic-look gauntlets. Check out the accessories while you’re there!

Go all out with the wig to match!

Wonder Woman Wig

Great reviews. Great quality for the price! One size fits all.

Harry Potter Professor McGonagall Hat

This isn’t any old Witch’s Hat this is Professor McGonagall’s hat the Witches hat of hats! Made of high-quality black polyester and cotton and featuring an embroidered gold Hogwarts school letter patch.

Funny Inflatable Full Body Jumpsuit

You’ll be laughing for hours. Comes in different colors. Rave reviews. Fan favorite. Teens loved it. Need I say more?

Hooded Huntress Costume

Hits the bull’s eye! It has great reviews and is great quality. Just know before you purchase that it runs a little small so buy one size up and it doesn’t come with a bow and arrow.

Living Dead/Walking Zombie

This was a hit with the tween and teen girls. I swear it looks just like the characters in the tv show!

How About The Best Halloween Mask?

Want to keep it simple and be the life of the party? Here are some masks that will guarantee lots of laughs. Not only are they perfect for Halloween, but they’re also perfect for Masquerade Parties, Gifts, Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve Party, or just putting on to laugh.

Each mask comes with 100% guarantee.

Horse Head Mask

Great quality and really affordable. Fits most adults and teens, and you can see through the mouth and the nose holes.

German Shepherd Head Mask

Great reviews! What could be better than scaring your family and friends with a German Shepherd Dog mask?

Poodle Head Mask

Who else is a poodle lover? I have one and I can’t decide if I love it or am scared of this face mask (LOL!).

It’s always so much fun to dress up, make memories and find reasons to laugh a lot. Why stress finding the best Halloween costume for your tween and teen? Halloween is such a fun time with them!  Have a blast, take some pictures and we’d love you to post them in our community.

Let’s celebrate and savor this time with our kids!

Love, Sheryl

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best halloween costumes for your tween teen

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