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25 Back to School Essentials for Tween and Teen Boys

With the school year approaching and school supply shopping gearing up, we wanted to make this transition easier for you! In this gift guide, we have provided backpack and classroom necessities, snacks, and clothes & accessories.

Now, start shopping, mommas!

  • Backpack – Does he need a backpack upgrade? Here are a few great options.
  • Sneakers – Both of these options are popular and practical! You can chose from multiple colors and patterns to find the perfect fit for him!
  • Boat Shoes – For days he wants to dress up a bit!
  • Hoodie or Jacket – These are necessary for chilly classrooms! Choose his favorite color and add the popular item to your cart.
  • Flannel – A flannel and a jacket in one! How perfect.

T-Shirts – The perfect and popular t-shirt pack of 5, plus it’s under $40!

  • Long-Sleeve – This brand is popular and trendy for high schoolers! I see a lot of guys wearing this shirt.
  • Denim Jeans – I’m sure he could use a new pair of jeans, and these happen to be highly rated. You can choose from 20+ washes!
  • Hand Sanitizer – This travel-size hand sanatizee is great to stick in his backpack!
  • Nail Kit – Perfect and compact nail kit just for him.
  • Deodorant and Fragrance – A heafty deodorant pack so he will never run out! Also, I added a popular cologne for a touch.
  • Protein Bars – For him to throw in his bag for a snack between class periods!
  • Nike Socks – He definitely needs more socks, especially if he’s playing sports.
  • Gum – Another great addition to have in his backpack between class periods.
  • Columbia Hat – Every guy needs a new hat for the new year! Plus, you can chose from several different colors and designs if this one doesn’t fit his style.
  • Journal – If he likes to write or wants to get into writing, this is for him!
  • Chapstick – I couldn’t recommend a chapstick enough. This one actually works!
  • Heating Pad – This is perfect if your son if he’s feeling sore, sick, or just wants to relax after school.
  • Water Bottle – Great reminder for him to drink more water!

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