Author: Jessica Campbell

I am a mother to four great kids, a wife, and a pediatric nurse. With one child who has already flown the nest, two teenagers, and a tween, I can appreciate the difficulties of parenting, because I am right there living it. Becoming a parent was a dream come true for me and raising my kids is the priority of my life presently. Though parenting has many joyful moments, it is not always an easy blissful ride. This is real life and raising kids certainly has its challenges. This is why we need community and to support one another now more than ever. My heart is to encourage other parents along this journey that we can spur one another on to the finish line. I believe we can all glean insight and hope from one another and find joy along the way. Sometimes that hope is found in just knowing you are not alone and that this is just a phase. So in this spirit, I pray that you will carry on, you mighty parental warriors, because you are fierce as you valiantly advocate with heart and truth for those you hold most dear; your children and your family.