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Empower Your Daughters. Body Talk and Building Confidence

Do you have a daughter who struggles with body image and confidence?
Do you wonder what to say or how to help?

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Empower Your Daughters. Body Talk and Building Confidence
Interview with Therapist and Expert, Audrey Grunst on Empowering Tween and Teen Girls.

When: Friday, February 9th, 12-1:45PM CST

LIVE Webinar with Q & A with therapist Audrey Grunst

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We’re so excited to have therapist and expert Audrey Grunst joining us to talking to us about…

Body Image and Building Confidence
Empower Your Tween and Teen Daughter

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for a timely and relevant topic:
How You Can Help Your Daughter with Body Image and Building Confidence.

Audrey will be sharing 10 practices for body positivity, the pressures to be perfect, fit in, and how to have these important discussions and also what to do and where to go for help.

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Audrey Grunst, LCSW is licensed therapist and body image expert. Her clinician focus in on females and how they can build up their confidence from the inside out. Audrey has almost solely worked with females and their struggles body satisfaction and mental health. She wants mothers to be aware of the risks young females face today including eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Her passion is to shed light on mental health and break through stigmas. She is the owner of Simply Bee, a private practice focused on mental health and prevention counseling.