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Funny Parenting Memes To Get You Through The Week

parenting meme

Our Best of Parenting Memes for October

Most days we need some parenting humor to get us through the day doing the hardest job on earth! Parenting tweens and teens is kinda like raising toddlers with armpit hair.

The capacity to laugh at ourselves and share the funny, stressful moments normalizes so much of what it’s like for each of us when we’re parenting our kids.

Laughter is like an emotional facelift – it lightens and lifts our mood.

Laughter says “me too!” or “Oh my gosh, I’m not the only one!”

So here are a few parenting memes for your week. Share them if you’d like and spread the humor around only let’s do it directly from the source and show them gratitude for their humor to help us laugh at ourselves.


I guess it’s all how you look at it, right?!

funny mom and parenting memes


See? You’re not the only one! (via scary mommy)


funny parenting and mom memes

We’ve all been there! (via sammichesandpsychmeds)


funny parenting and mom memes




funny parenting mom memes


We can’t keep it together all the time!





Thanks again sammichesandpsychmeds for the truth!



And if these make you nod your head in agreement, join our community, we all know where you’re coming from!

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