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What Happens When Moms Come Together to Support Each Other


Moms, We Need to Support Each Other

Last week we launched our first ever Moms of Tweens and Teens Meetup in the Chicago area and it was a great success!


It takes a lot of courage to walk into a group of women that you don’t know to talk about parenting your tween or teen.


We need to hear that we’re not alone and that there’s other moms out there that are dealing with similar issues, trying to navigate these rocky waters raising their adolescents.


We need supportive networks like never before when our kids are pulling away, their brains are changing and they’re often moody and we’re confronted with so many challenges.

moms need to support moms

Every time I lead a group like this, something powerful happens when moms share their stories and struggles.


Moms are comforted. We’re reminded that we’re not alone and we’re all struggling with something.

It’s always good for us to be reminded that the  “almost perfect mom” is an illusion.


Moms admitted they often wouldn’t tell another mom what their child was struggling with for fear of being judged or the information getting out and hurting their child.


When I asked “Who feels ill-equipped to parent their tween or teen?”

Every hand went up.


moms need to support other moms

Here’s just a few challenges that Moms shared….




Arguing all the time

Not yelling

How to not constantly nag yet, hold them accountable.

Parenting solo


Angry Outbursts

Dealing with cell phones and social media





Here are some of our fears…


Drugs and Alcohol

Reckless behavior that would have lifelong consequences

Not equipping their child for adulthood.

Fear that their child might hurt themselves

Or never launch and end up living in their basement.


The most common fear, “worrying that my wrong parenting decisions will scar my kid for life.”



Every single mom shook her head yes, when I asked if they stayed awake at night worrying.


We need a safe place to talk about these things, get support, share resources and gain the tools to build better relationships with our kids.


I love leading groups because I get to witness the really cool thing that happens when moms share their hearts with one another. They grow. Each time they leave feeling calmer, more equipped and less alone.


We need support networks where we can show up and talk about this stuff. We need comfort and compassionate others because we are so dang hard on ourselves.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in an online or local group. Contact me to find out more – [email protected]. It’s not too late to sign up!

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