Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

mother's day gifts

Moms deserve a special gift for Mother’s Day, but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect affordable item to give. Whether you’re looking for a gift to give your mom or another special mom, or you’d like to shop for YOU- it can take some time and energy and we know most moms don’t have much of either this time of year! We did the work for you so you could check out our favorite list of Mother’s Day gifts for under 25 dollars- all fun, unique, and useful ideas! Maybe you want to help your kiddos pick something out that will still make you and them happy, or splurging isn’t how your family shows love. Remember, as a mother, I can attest that this is true; it truly is the thought that counts!

Witty Mug for Warm-Bevie Drinkers

What Mom doesn’t like to play favorites? This witty mug is for the Mom who can appreciate her (favorite) child’s sense of humor and a cup of Joe at the same time.

An Oven Mitt With a Message

Nothing gets the home fire burning like a well-cooked meal served with a mitt and a well-phrased invitation. Ladies, enjoy yourselves a goofy oven mitt or two and see what comes of it! In addition to being super funny, this mitt is 100% cotton and has super-insulated quilting.

Mermaid Tail Inflatable Pool Raft

We don’t know about you, but we can definitely see ourselves utilizing this treasure all summer long. Nothing says, “I am female. I am magical.” like a mermaid tail. Sporting this raft at the pool as soon as the weather gets warm enough will make you a Pool Goddess.

Leather Cable Straps

We know your charging cables are a mess (ours are!). These attractive leather straps will clean up that problem straight away! This set comes with five short leather straps and five long ones. Happy organizing!

MacBook Air Keyboard Cover

We know you eat chips in front of the couch while checking your email on your MacBook (but we won’t tell!).. Enjoy this keyboard protector to keep crumbs and dust at bay, not to mention to look fashionable. It’s available in lots of colors!

Compatible with MacBook Air 13 Keyboard Cover 2021/2020 New Protector Compatible with MacBook Air 13-Inch Touch ID with Retina Display M1 A2337/A2179

Funny Kitchen Tea Towel Collection

Enjoy this punny present: useful and funny! Choose from thirteen designs, from “Whisk Taker” to “Chop It Like It’s Hot.” If you have to dry dishes, you may as well get a giggle in!

Rechargeable USB Flameless Lighter

Nothing takes the fun out of a party more than not being able to light a candle or the grill on a windy day. This lighter is sure to be the cure! It’s rechargeable, wind and moisture-proof, and childproof. Light on!

Fancy Wick Trimmer

Want to feel fancy? Stop using scissors to get your wick the right length and switch to this rose gold-plated Wick Trimmer! The handle is long enough to fit into most candle jars, and it’s sharp enough to cut through any wick.

Candle Wick Trimmer Wick Clipper Wick Cutter Scissor -Rose Gold

  • It’s nice and sharp and closes flush, so no worries about pinching the wick instead of cutting it. The handle is long enough to get into most candle jars, and the cut piece of wick usually sits right on top of the end, so it’s easy to remove without having to turn the candle upside down.
  • 【 Make Your Home Safe and Clean】: The candle wick trimmer will help prevent soot buildup on your walls and will lengthen the life of your candle by controlling the burn for the best scent and minimal soot. Your candle will be burning evenly and no more burnt blobs floating in wax. It cuts down on the smoking and build-up on your candles.

Decorative Mirrored Tray

Available in both rose gold and gold, this three-dimensional tray is perfect to sit atop your vanity. Ever have things on your counter that need containing? This is your tray! And – best of all – it looks pretty, too.

AirPod Pro Protective Cover

This cute cover adds another layer of protection to your AirPods case, and still allows all the charging functions to work. Choose from a variety of colorful designs, and it even comes with a cute carabiner! Clip onto your purse or workout bag, and get going!

I’m Not Like a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom Shirt

Mic drop.

mother's day t-shirt
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