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Three Tips to Get Stuff Done TODAY!

How would you feel if you stopped procrastinating and got more done? What if you had a few proven systems in place that maximized your…

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Create a “Stop Doing” List

Habits to Stop Doing to Make the Most of Your Time I am sure we’re all familiar with the To-Do list. Maybe you’re one that…

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Don’t Try to Tame Your Child’s Wild Hare

How To Channel Our Children’s Desires for Adventure Reflections from My Daughter I recently asked my oldest daughter, “If you could share with my MOTTS…

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Breathe Life into Your Marriage

6 Actions to Getting Your Marriage Back on Track and Your Expectations Met  How often do you feel angry, frustrated, or resentful when your husband…

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Is Your Parenting Making You Sick and Tired?

I have a confession to make. At the moment, my parenting is making me sick. Actually, I’m sick and tired of worrying and taking on…

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Parenting Teens Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely

What We Need Are Soul Sisters I understand the frustrations and worries of parenting a challenging teen. You feel alone, hopeless, scared and confused—not knowing…

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5 Simple Ways to De-Stress: Love and Care for Yourself Today

We are all familiar with the stress that comes with living in the 21st century – information overload, increased expectations, fast approaching deadlines, and having…

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4 Ways to Let Go of Control

Find Greater Peace by Letting Go As my kids have gotten older, I realize how little control I actually have over their lives—and everything else…

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How to Know When Your Teen Needs Help

Take this Assessment Test Parenting a teenager can be confusing. Years ago, I didn’t know what to do when my oldest daughter seemed to be…

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What is Your Passion?

The # 1 Way for Finding It. What are you passionate about? Sometimes this question can cause us to panic. Our kids are getting older…

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Becoming a Place of Healing Grace for Our Kids

Grace is receiving love, acceptance and forgiveness when you don’t deserve it. At some point, our kids are going to disappoint us, maybe more often…

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For Today, Accept Yourself Just as You Are

This includes the Imperfections We are all made-up of light and dark, good and not so good. Each of us has areas where we need…

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When All Else Fails, Try Gratitude

3 Ways Gratitude Will Change Your Life As a teenager I remember my mother reminding me to have a grateful heart. I would grumble in…

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50 Ideas for Family Fun Time with Your Teen

I am reading your mind right now, “Family, fun, time, and teens? All in the same sentence? Are you joking? These words don’t go together…

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Hi. I’m Sheryl.

Welcome to my heart, my story, and my love for Moms of Tweens and Teens.

My passion and mission for MOTTS was born out of my personal journey – a journey that took me from a place of being fearful to show others the real me, to a place of slowly opening my heart to being authentic; a place of shame wanting to hide my challenges and struggles to experiencing the grace and love of being known and accepted; a place of not knowing what to do, to a place of experiencing the healing, wisdom, and transformation that comes from being a part of a community of women who are willing to share their hearts and allow themselves to be seen and known.

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