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For Today, Accept Yourself Just as You Are

This includes the Imperfections

We are all made-up of light and dark, good and not so good. Each of us has areas where we need to increase our capacity to accept and love ourselves.

We have beat ourselves up for too long. If we treated our friends the way we often treat ourselves, it would be doubtful we would have any friends left. We all have choices we are not proud of; messes we have made and things we would have done differently.

moms accept yourselfFor today, let’s accept all parts of ourselves: our physical selves, as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Acceptance means we appreciate our limitations as well as our strengths. We give ourselves permission to be human. We claim our history as part of the story that has molded and made us into the unique persons we are continually becoming.

For today, we acknowledge our weaknesses and let them go. We are all a work in progress and our process is good. When we accept ourselves, we give ourselves permission to be right where we are, for today. We relax our striving. We don’t have to be overly concerned about changing ourselves. We are worthy and deserving of love and belonging right now, just as we are. Acceptance opens the doorway to immense possibilities: each day embracing a sense of wonder and self- discover.

Our imperfections are a beautiful part of who we are. There is a purpose in our imperfect journey. We can become our greatest advocate and fan. Have faith that you are worthy and loved warts, scars, imperfections and all.

Questions – What is an area in your life that you find your criticize yourself? What would it look like to accept that part of yourself.

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