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45 Word of Wisdom For Teens Going to College

what to tell a kid going to college


What would you want to tell a kid going to college for the first time?

We asked our Moms of Tweens and Teens Community what words of wisdom they would share with kids that are college bound. We got the good, the bad and the ugly from moms that have been there.

It’s hard for kids to hear the things their parents have learned, and kids will make their own mistakes, but if we can sit down and have a real conversation with our kids, be proactive not reactive, our kids just might listen to what we said.

And the truth is, if you build a relationship of trust, your voice will always be in their head.

45 Words of Wisdom For Kids Going to College

1. You will become most like the 5 people you spend the most time with … take time and choose your friends wisely.

2. Never stop learning, put in the effort and step out of your comfort zone.

3. Inspire and encourage others.

4. Believe you’re capable of so much more than you think possible.

5. Listen to your gut — if it feels right do it, if you have any doubt — don’t.

6. Don’t hold back, SHINE Your Light.

7. Never let someone get you a drink, get your own. And never put your cup down or walk away from it and then come back and drink it. Just don’t take the chance!

8. Most first years flunk out due to drinking, if you want to see your 2nd year don’t be THAT freshman.

9. Go to your classes…even if there is no roll call like in high school. Attend class and take it serious. Have fun but be responsible about it.

10. Call your mom!

11. Set goals and stay on task.

12. Believe it or not, Mom and Dad do know a lot more than you think they do. They are there to help, support and guide you in every way.

13. Introduce yourself to your professors after class.

14. Get an on campus job. You’ll learn so much about how a university works and besides, they know the exam schedule so you’ll have time off to study.

15. Don’t run yourself into the ground. Take things at the pace that you need to, even if that doesn’t match up with what everyone else is doing.

16. Take care of your health and learn how prioritize what you need to get done. A little late classwork or an occasional missed assignment won’t be the end all be all. Being hospitalized with pneumonia/mono will throw a much bigger wrench in your plans (personal experience).

17. Study a little each day…don’t wait till the night before something is due. 

18. Go to the free student council events. Even if you think they sound cheesy….go, have fun, meet people.

19. Don’t come home every weekend to see your high school besties….give your new community a chance.

20. Don’t sign up with anyone offering credit cards on campus….just say NO.

22. Everything in moderation!

23. 3 things will always follow you and be with you… God, your conscience and the choices you make….

24. Follow your passion and your gut when choosing your major even if friends or family don’t always agree.

25. Make your bed every day.

26. Rewriting your notes is one of the best ways to memorize information: muscle memory. (Hand write, not type)

27. Write up a contract with your roommate about room rules.

28. Find an off campus place just to get some quiet.

29. Send a letter home, thanking your parent(s).

30. Figure out who the top students are in your class and study with them. Accept their foibles because one day you will have to deal with people like that on the job.

31. Professors teach to the top while high school teaches to the average.

32. When writing papers, set your deadlines a week before the due date. Because you will need that extra week for many reasons (trust me. It saved my butt many many times).

33. Eat well and get some sleep.

34. Save the party for Friday and Saturday.

35. Use the library.

36. Trust your gut. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself-even if it’s not the most popular thing to say.

37. I’m  just a phone call/text away.

38. Take advantage of experiences the school offers for free (camping trips, cooking classes, clubs).

39. Have fun but don’t break the law, I’m not coming to bail you out for 3 days.

40. Don’t put anything on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook that you wouldn’t want your Pastor or future boss to see (because they CAN).

41. Save yourself for marriage or at least ALWAYS use protection.

42. Call mom on a designated day so she doesn’t send campus police to look for you (how embarrassing!)

43. Listen to your parents. Believe it or not they have been there and do know a thing or two

44. Follow your gut with your major even if there are draws like friends or family or a new car as a bribe to go to a particular school. 

45. Take advantage of every good opportunity. 

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  1. I’m an educational consultant and I work with students through their entire college process. The above words of wisdom are all great! The one other thing I tell ALL my students is exercise! Find something, anything, that you like or will do regularly. Cycle, lift weights, do yoga, join a softball team from your dorm–whatever it is. Exercise is proven to help reduce stress in college students. It’s also a great way to meet other students–particularly helpful at the big universities. And for those students who were high school athletes, who have done their sport for years, to stop working out or practicing daily usually feels weird. Find a club or intramural team to keep the sport part of the student’s routine– it doesn’t have to mean playing on a D1 or D3 team, but it’s something the student does well and feels comfortable playing. Again, good way to meet people and let off steam.

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