The Best Gift Guide For Teen Boys

Gift Guide for Teen Boys

The Perfect Gift Guide for Teen Boys

Teen boys can sometimes be hard to shop for, especially when their request is always cash.

But it really is nice to wrap a few gifts that they will enjoy having and unwrapping. Below we have a list that includes fun and inexpensive as well as a few more expensive ones to choose from.

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!

Whether he’s geeky (or do they say “nerdy” now), or a jock, or a Savage, or somewhere in between, we have something that he will be sure to love.

Bluetooth Earbuds

These waterproof and sweatproof earbuds are perfect for any teen boy who enjoys running, hiking or even gaming! Great for travel, too!

Wireless Smart Beanie

For the cooler days – this bluetooth hat is your best choice, and no earbuds required. Ideal for all outdoor activities like walking or cycling or sitting at the bus stop! With its built-in mic and stereo speaker it is easy to connect to a smart phone or music streaming device.great teen boy gifts

Novelty Crew Socks

Cool socks are in! Show off your patriotism with these fun flag print socks, or choose a different pattern, and be all the talk on crazy sock day!

great teen boy gifts socks

Wireless mouse for computer

Homework can be SO boring! Spice it up with a wireless mouse with a fun design. Check out more of the great graphic prints available.

best gifts teen boy wireless mouse

Drone with FPV Live Video HD Camera

First person view with VR headset compatibility. Watch live video feed on any smart device. Ideal for beginners, offering a lot of features. Great for the teen who loves technology.

best gifts teen boy drone

5-in-1 Fire Starter

What a fun stocking stuffer, or little quickie “you’re doing a great job” for any outdoor enthusiast or survivalist. Perfect for camping!

External Charger

This external high-speed charger is compatible with Apple, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus or other tablet/smart phone. Small yet high quality – easy to take with you.

best teen boy gift portable charger

Soundlink Bluetooth Bose Speaker

You cannot beat Bose for sound and this waterproof portable speaker easily attaches to a backpack for fun after class and on the go, not to mention jamming in the shower!

best teen boy gifts bluetooth speaker

Build your own computer with Raspberry Pi

Build your own computer! Yes you can! Even video games, and Roku type devices can be programmed on this little inexpensive kit! This CanaKit comes complete with everything you need (except a memory card).  A great little starting device for programmers and experimenters.

best teen boy gifts build computer

Swiss Army Huntsman

A must have for all teens – With 15 functions including 2 blades, corkscrew, bottle opener with screwdriver, wood saw and more. It is great to have handy for outdoor use or around the house.

best teen boy gifts swiss army knife

Save Ferris T-shirt

Because Ferris! While we are pretty sure they are up to date on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It is a must to make sure your teen watches and knows all the classic 80’s comedies. This fun Save Ferris T-shirt comes with two decals, perfect for notebooks or lockers.

best teen boy gifts ferris buehler

Rubiks Cube

You knew it, you loved it. And nothing has changed. Speedy Rubiks challenges are a must! Another classic that should be in every home! The Rubik’s Cube is fun and challenging and great to have on hand or pass around!

best teen boy gifts rubiks cube

Thin Wallet

A thin wallet. Every boy needs a wallet sooner or later! We like this Nike canvas one but if you want to be fancy, this leather wallet is a good pick.

Scruf Controller

If your teen has an XBox, he probably knows what a scruf controller is and would love to up his gaming with one.

Swivel Gaming Floor Chair

Getting your gamer a chair specifically for gaming will surprise him in the best way. This chair rotates 360 degrees and no assembly required.

Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is one of the most popular choices.

Nike Shoes

Nike Air Force Ones are always in style.


Because anything that makes their room more like a dorm room is a win.

LED Lights

Teens love these led lights to peel and stick onto bedroom walls or back of their TV.

Wireless Gaming Headset

This wireless pro headset is perfect for gaming and runs for 24 hours before needing charge.


The perfect robe that’s warm and stylish for your teen boy.

Our list has everything for every price range and every teen personality. Those boys might have us stumped most of the time, but this time we’ve helped you have one over on them! 

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