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Stocking Stuffers for Teen Girls and Boys!

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!

It seems like we always wait until the last minute to grab those stocking stuffers for our teen boys and girls and frankly, teenagers are HARD to buy for! So we’ve made it easy and all of these will ship by Christmas!

Teen Girls

  • Dainty Earrings ($13.95) – Simple and elegant piece of jewelry that your daughter is guaranteed to love! Who can go wrong with a pair of hoops?

  • Lip Gloss ($3.99) OR Lip Balm Set – This affordable and popular NYX gloss is perfect for your makeup lover! 

  • Beauty Blender ($6.29) – Again for your makeup lovers out there, these beauty blenders are necessary for any girl’s makeup bag!

  • Bath Bomb ($11.99) – You can divide these up among your kids and even take one for yourself!

  • Wet Brush ($11.99) – These are the best hairbrushes, hands down. 

  • Mascara ($5.62) – Every girl could use more mascara! This is me and my daughter’s personal favorite.

  • Lip Mask – My daughter swears by this lip gloss! It’s hydrating and long-lasting.

  • Facial Face Masks ($9.99) – This pack of 12 comes in a variety of ingredients, including antioxidants, honey, tea-tree, and collagen. You might just have to steal one!

  • Chocolates ($19.99) & Hot Cocoa Mix ($13.46) – This is by far the best Christmas chocolate. I have no more to say. 

  • Marc Jacobs Perfume ($30.40) – This classic perfume is a crowd pleaser! My daughter swears by this AND who doesn’t love a rollerball!

  • Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume ($56.50) – My daughter has been wearing this for months now and loves it!
  • Letter Necklace ($12.95) – What is sweeter than a cute diamond necklace with your daughter’s first initial!

  • Blue Light Glasses ($15.99) – Not only do these improve your sleep and digital headaches, but they are super cute!

  • Gift Card – Why not throw in an amazon gift card? 

Teen Boys

  • Anker Portable Power Bank – Ever been around a teenager whose phone died? Trust me, its for you as much as it is for him! ($21.99)

teen boy stocking stuffer

  • Folding Phone Stand – The guy in our house always seems to be leaning his phone up against something to watch the latest YouTube video, why not get some of those glasses in the dishwasher instead of using them as makeshift phone stands! ($16.99)

  • Compact Binoculars That Can Fit in Your Pocket! – I’m not saying my son likes to spy on anyone, but let’s just say your son can see whatever he’s looking for whenever he wants with these super cool highly rated binoculars! ($21.15)

  • More Chocolate ($8.74)- You know your teen boy will love these as much as you do. 

  • Chain Necklace ($28.90) – A nice silver necklace that has been popular among boys.

  • Fossil Watch ($179) – This is a classic and popular watch that will last for years! It includes a Fitness Tracker, GPS, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor.

  • Sauvage Cologne ($99.84) – While on sale, get this high-quality and lasting cologne for your son or husband!

  • Hair Gel ($15.25) – Does he style his hair? If so, this is perfect for him.

  • Blue Light Glasses ($19.98) – With the amount of time spent on the screens, this may be a necessary gift.

  • Headphones ($14.49) – Great alternative to AirPods.

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