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Great Gifts For Your Teen Girl That Are Under $50

Teen and tween girls are so much fun to buy for! These colorful + trendy ideas are all under $50, so they’d be perfect for nieces or friends, as well!

And you’re right – we couldn’t leave off the Hydro Flask (because what kid can survive without one?), but have you ever seen an avocado pillow?

Holiday Scrunchies

With the duplicates in this pack, you could let your kids hand them out as gifts.

Holiday Scrunchies

Because Crocs are still in style

And because they’re never, ever going away, apparently. And don’t forget the Christmas sweater jibbitz!


Fancy String Lights


Fancy String Lights

Funky Socks

Does your teen mismatch their socks on purpose? These cute themed socks are perfect for mismatching.

Funky Socks Teen Girl

Bubble Tea Kit

It’s all Boba all the time!!! How many times have you heard your teen say the words “Bubble Tea!” if you haven’t you can be sure your teen will love you for even knowing this is a thing and guess what? It’s a thing! This is a great kit we promise your teen will love!


Bubble Candles

While we’re speaking of bubbles, these all natural soy Bubble Candles are on everyone’s list! They come in a variety of colors and burn for 30 hours, don’t worry if you don’t want your teen burning candles. These smell great and look great, if they burn them they’ll be gone and I assure you they don’t want these to disappear!

Harry Potter Alex and Ani Bracelet

If you’ve got a Harry Potter lover in your life, this is the perfect gift! We LOVE Alex and Ani, and there are hundreds of options if she doesn’t love Harry Potter.

Alex and Ani Harry Potter Bracelet Teen Girl


If you’ve got a budding YouTube Makeup Artist on your hands, this is a great value. You get a ton of makeup for a really great price.


Perfect for writing Christmas thank you notes!

Neon Stationary Teen Girl

Phone Case

Phones come in every color these days, don’t hide it! Pick clear or a lightly tinted case to accentuate the color!

Retro Shoulder

Last year it was all fanny packs all the time, this year it’s small under the arm shoulder bags that are the bags your girl has to have!

Retro Sunglasses

These are the glasses all the girls want, and you don’t even have to decide what color! A 4 pack is $19.99!

Avocado Pillow

Who doesn’t need an avocado pillow??

Avocado Pillow Teen Girl

Beauty Blender

Maybe she’ll stop stealing yours. 😉

Beauty Blender Teen Girl

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I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!

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