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Showstopper Gifts – $100 and Up Teen Boy Gift Guide

What to get your teen boy for christmas

Do you need a big showstopper gift for your teen or tween boy? We’ve got your back! From a scooter controlled by an app to a turntable, and from Beats headphones to a funky hoverboard – these gives are sure to leave your boy heart-eyed.

And if your kid is techie? Watch out – that Sphero is going to keep their attention for a long time!

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!
  • Beats ($129.95) – Beats are an easy gift. With their reputation for quality, you know you’re giving a gift that will last.

  • Fitbit Charge 5 ($129.95)- This is a great motivator to get your kids moving! Bonus: You can stay connected with calling and texting.

  • Razer Gaming Laptop – The most award winning gaming laptop is available in multiple pricing tiers, but even the lowest packs more punch than other gaming systems. Want to win Christmas this year?

  • Xbox Wireless Controller Custom Soft Touch Feel – Available in a ton of colors, play Xbox on in style and take it easy on your hands during those days your son plays a Call of Duty marathon!

  • Audio Technica Fully Automatic Turntable ($159) – This is a gift that you’ll enjoy right along with your kid. The speakers ensure great sound, and you’ll be transported back to the time of vinyl.

Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

  • Hoverboard H1 ($219.53) – Here’s the newest hover board and everyone wants one. And again, we recommend a helmet.

  • Unicycle ($299.99) – We bet you never thought you’d have to say, “Don’t unicycle in the house!” And also: helmet.


  • This gaming chair ($229) is one of the most popular choices it’s ergonomic and has lumbar support so even the oldest “kid” will love it! My son has this chair and loves it.

  • Don’t ask me why, but this SPECIFIC pair of Nike are on all the boy’s lists.They go with anything and don’t look too shabby!

  • This Razer wireless pro headset (139.99) is the end all be all of gaming headsets and runs for 24 hours before needing charge.

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