Graduation Gift Ideas For 8th Grade Boys

8th grade boy

Do you have a son graduating eighth grade in the middle of a pandemic? Even though there probably won’t be a ceremony, they still deserve to be celebrated. Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, but we’ve compiled a list of great ideas! (Looking for girls? Click over here!)

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!

Old School Gameboy

  • XBox One – It’s a splurge, for sure. How else do you play Fortnite, though?


  • Gaming Headset – This is a fantastic headset with great reviews. A cheaper version can be found HERE.

Gaming Headset

Amazon Echo Dot

  • Leather Keychain – Maybe hint that he can add car keys too it in a few years if he plays his cards right.

  • Waterproof Watch – It’s a classic accessory that he can wear every day or to nice events.

  • Apple AirPods – These never grow old, also they are on sale! But click here for a more cost-effective option as well.

  • Kindle – Whether he loves to read or needs to do more of it, this is a great gift for him! He can use it for school or entertainment purposes. Not to mention, it’s waterproof.

  • Leather Bound Journal – This is a fantastic, thoughtful gift for a young man. Include a note on the front page to make it more meaningful!

Leather Journal

  • Cross Necklace – The scripture engraved on the side makes this an awesome gift.

Cross Necklace

  • Shoot Your Shot – This best seller is a great read for young men, and it’s full of encouragement.

Gaming Glasses

  • BMX Bike – They can’t drive yet, but they can bike! And this is a great option!

BMX Bike


  • Roku TV – What kid wouldn’t love a TV in their own room?

Roku TV

  • Amazon FireStick – These are super fun! They can watch as many episodes of their favorite TV show as they want … in the privacy of their own room.

Fire Stick

  • Airsoft Gun – Just make them promise you won’t be the target first.

Airsoft Gun

  • Champion Backpack – This Champion print is super popular right now, and this is a great pricepoint.


  • A new wallet – Time to start teaching them about money! This champion wallet is trendy, too!


Sloth T-Shirt

  • Class of 2024 Hoodie – You’re reading that right. Only four more years until HIGH SCHOOL graduation.