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14 Fun Ideas When You’re Stuck Inside with Your Tweens and Teens (and they don’t want to hang out with you)

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When you read this list don’t jump to the conclusion that I am the queen of family togetherness and fun. With my own kids, there have been times when creating family fun has been more like pulling teeth. However, I am confident that with a little creativity and a little playfulness on our part, we can break through any adolescent resistance and have fun together.
It is my hope that you will find a few new ideas to create family fun and laughter in your home.


14 Family Fun Ideas to Enjoy with Your Tweens and Teens When Social Distancing Means Your Stuck at Home


Put together a family puzzle.

This is one of my favorite holiday traditions so why not unveil it now, we’re not going anywhere!  A family puzzle is like a magnet, even the most resistant teen can’t refrain from joining in.  Everyone can get involved in taking turns and working as a team.

Bake and decorate cut out cookies.

Older kids love to roll out dough. Layout assorted colored frosting, sprinkles and small candies. It is so fun to watch the creativity that is generated as they decorate!

Watch movies together.

Pick a night or a time every day even! Let everyone rotate their picks. If they aren’t particularly fond of watching movies with Mom or Dad, sometimes bribing with some homemade cookies will do the trick!

And grab our survival kit HERE if you want a HUGE list of movies and TV Shows to watch with your teens and tweens.

Put the Marco Polo App on Your Phones 

Ok, this is hilarious. This apps lets you record videos like you are having a conversation, then you shoot it over to your family. We’ve had a blast and it was voted Apple’s App Store App of The Day!

Find out more here.

Sing together.

I know, what some of you are thinking – my teenager would rather jump off a cliff than sing with me. However, when you have them share their playlist of favorite tunes, it’s another story. Listening to their playlist has a way of getting everyone laughing or stuffing cotton in their ears!

Make Jib Jabs.

Oh my gosh, we have laughed. At first, my kids thought this was stupid until I made them one with all of us. They couldn’t stop creating different ones themselves once I showed them mine. Find Jib Jab here.

Record a family video.

The catch is to allow them to be the directors. You can do a family skit, have a dance contest, or be plain silly. Beware they might have so much fun they share it on Snapchat!

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or a relative who is isolated.

The beauty of technology is the ease in which we can communicate now. Whether it’s a call or Facetime, everyone will have the chance to catch up and come out closer than they were before.

Play a game using webinar technology!

Why not all get on Zoom or Skype and play a game? How about Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly?? For Trivial Pursuit, only one person needs to have the board, and in Monopoly, you guys can just mirror each others boards! It’s a great way to spend a few hours of your day and not feel so isolated.

Zoom or Skype

Create Vision Boards.

This takes a little coaxing but after complaining, my family got into it. The highlight of creating vision boards is having each person share the special meaning of their images. It’s amazing how much you can learn about each other.

Make indoor s’ mores.

Need I say more?

Build Something

What do you have lying around? LEGOS, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, pasta, or empty boxes make great building materials. Why not go big? Grab your recycling bin and build a bridge, a building, or even the titanic!

Have a Chocolate Fondue night.

This is always a hit and it’s easy. Here’s how to make Chocolate Fondue – How to Make The Easiest Way.

Play Games.

Check out this list of games from moms of tweens and teens that is mom and kid-tested here.


Let’s face it. No one was planning to be stuck at home for so long. We can take this opportunity to create great memories or we can let everyone drift apart. It’s easy to just let the older kids retreat to their rooms and video games, but why not give spending a little special time a try?

Just remember when you’re planning a fun family activity share an idea and have your kids give their input. Don’t get discouraged if they aren’t gung ho, to begin with. Lead with having fun and you might just be amazed at how they jump on board.

Whatever you do, your happiness is just as important, so do those things that make you happy and the troops will follow.

We’re here for you moms!

Don’t forget to check out our survival kit here.


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