5 Ways to Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Wreck Your Summer



Summer is one week away and I’m already anticipating carefree days, chillin, grilling and sitting on the patio having a margarita. There will be picnics, concerts and farmers markets. The smell of fresh-cut grass and feeling the sun on my face. The wren’s are singing, humming birds and bees buzzing. Vacation time with family will be here before I know it.


Summertime is a time to slow down the pace, relax and enjoy family and friends.


It can also be a time when our kids and family can drive us nuts.


When I polled the moms in our community about what can get us down in the summer, and keep us from focusing on all the good stuff, here’s a few things they said….


There are messes everywhere.

It’s a beautiful day and my kids are on electronics.

I’ve just finished the lunch dishes and my teenager comes down wondering what’s for breakfast.

I’ve closed my eyes to take a siesta when the kids barge in asking for a ride to a friend’s house only a block away.  

They whine when they’re bored, yet they can’t seem to lift a finger to take out the garbage or pick up after themselves.


While summer can be so much fun, it’s easy to get sidetracked with our kids home, family around and balancing time for ourselves while navigating taking care of everybody.


These things don’t have to get us down and drive us nuts when we do things that make us happy and fill our bucket.  


This summer let’s be intentional and commit to creating a summer we love.


In order to do this we have to consciously take the time to make a plan.


I’ve done an exercise over the last several years, right before summer hits, with my coaching clients and in my MOTTS groups.


The reviews have been 5 star. Moms come back in the fall and report how they practically did everything on their list. They’re summer was the best yet. I’ve found it to be a game changer for my summers as well.


Here’s a printable to help you to intentionally plan your best summer yet.



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Print it out and answer these 5 questions:


How will you play and create fun for yourself? What will you do?

What are your essentials? These are the things that fill your bucket and help you to be the best version of you.

What would you like to do this summer – places to go, people to see, things to do? (A bucket list of sorts)

How will ask for help from your family and others so you don’t feel stressed or resentful?

How do we create a summer we will love and sweet summertime memories?


Here are your instructions for a wonderful summer.

Print out this printable.

Answer these 4 questions,

Write down your answers.

Pick 2 things each week.

Plan ahead. How will you will be intentional to make them happen?


The more we make time to play, take care of ourselves, do the things that make us happy and ask for help, the more we will have to give freely to those we love.


For more great summertime ideas for family fun click here!

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