How To Talk To Your Kids About Drugs, Drinking And Addiction with Amber Hollingsworth


Amber Hollingsworth is the expert when it comes to addiction and family systems. She is a  licensed professional counselor and master addiction, counselor. She is also the founder of Hope For Families Recovery Center.

She has an AWESOME YouTube channel, which I absolutely love, called Put The Shovel Down – where she provides free education, advice, and support for individuals and families struggling with substance abuse problems.

If you want to know how to talk to your kids about drugs, drinking, or addiction or you have a teen who is using drugs and/or alcohol you are going to learn so much from my very special guest Amber Hollingsworth. 

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • 3 Reasons Why Adolescents Are More Vulnerable to Addiction
  • What The Research Shows About the Likelihood That An Adolescent Will Become Addicted To Substances
  • What Parents Can Do To Talk To Their Kids About Alcohol, Drugs, and Addiction
  • The Truth About Marijuana
  • What To Say If You Find Out Your Kid Is Using – A Better And More Effective Approach
  • The Difference Between Consequences And Punishment and Why Punishment Doesn’t Work
  • The #1 Most Effective Thing You Can Do To Help Protect Your Kid Against Addiction

Where To Find Amber Hollingsworth:
Amber’s YouTube Channel: Put The Shovel Down

Amber’s Article About Marijuana

Website: Hope For Families

Find more encouragement, wisdom, and resources:


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