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Six Decorating Tips For Your Tween or Teen’s Room

As our kids get older, they will eventually want to update their bedrooms as they mature. This can be an exciting transition and a fun, creative project for you together. At some point, usually during the middle school years, they will want to replace all their childhood items and decor with the newest trends and styles for tweens and teens. 

Often, our kids spend much of their time in the bedroom. This room is their private refuge, where they can rest, restore, and clear their heads. Creating a new atmosphere that is comforting and personal will be so helpful for them as they meander through the tough tween and teen years

This project can be a bit overwhelming at first, as you’ll need to clean out whatever items your child doesn’t want in the room anymore. I packed empty bins to store all their childhood treasures and memorabilia worth saving for when they are grown up. This can be tedious, but working with your kid to purge all the unwanted crud out of their room can be very gratifying when it’s all done!

Before you start revamping their bedroom, you’ll need to consider what your child wants to do with it. Sit down and discuss all the details with your kid while taking notes on what to buy and the order of steps you’ll need to take. 

If you’re doing a major overhaul with fresh new paint colors, decor, and furniture, this type of project will need a lot of prep work, time, and a well-thought-out plan.

Whatever changes your child wants to make, it’s important for you to work out all the steps you’ll need to take in order to make those updates. You might need to negotiate what you’ll allow in their room, what you will pay for, and what changes/updates you can both agree on.

As you and your kids start working on a plan, we have six decorating tips for your tween or teen’s room. 

Six Decorating Tips For Your Tween or Teen’s Room

Make It Personal: Allow your tween or teen to express their personal style through the decor. Incorporate their favorite colors, patterns, and interests. Encourage them to choose posters, wall art, or photographs that reflect their personality and hobbies.

Create A Study and Relaxation Zone: Designate specific areas for studying and relaxing. A well-organized desk with good lighting and storage solutions can make homework time more productive. A cozy corner with a bean bag chair or a hanging chair can serve as a relaxation spot.

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Make It Easy To Keep Tidy: Use stylish storage solutions to keep the room organized. Floating shelves, under-bed storage, and stylish bins or baskets can help manage clutter. A bulletin board or magnetic board can be useful for keeping track of schedules and important responsibilities. Cubed shelves can be perfect for organizing all their things.

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Multi-Functional: Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a loft bed with a desk underneath, a daybed that doubles as a sofa, or ottomans that provide seating and storage. This maximizes space and functionality for bedrooms that can be rather small.

A Computer Desk with a Hutch and lower shelf is great for a small bedroom space!

Add Fun Lighting: Incorporating different types of lighting, such as string lights, LED strips, or neon signs, can add a fun and modern touch. Adjustable lighting options, such as dimmable lamps or smart bulbs, can create a versatile environment for studying, relaxing, or socializing.

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Encourage Creative Expression You can do this with a DIY art wall, a corkboard for pinning inspirations, or a whiteboard for jotting down ideas and goals. This fosters a sense of ownership and creativity in their personal space.

This cork board can be perfect for multi-functional use.

Remember that this project can be a fun and productive experience as you work with your child to update their bedroom! Try to make it a positive endeavor by having a cheerful and willing attitude while empowering them to make most of the decisions. This is their room, and you want them to feel good about how they create it with their own personal expression. Of course, you will get the last say in it all, but the more you allow them to initiate the changes, do the shopping and painting, and put their own effort into it, the more they will appreciate their new room and (hopefully!) take care of it! We hope these decorating tips for your tween or teen’s room are helpful for you!

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