Dear Wonderful, Hard-Working, Unconditionally Loving Mom

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Dear wonderful, hard-working, unconditionally loving Mom,


I have a feeling you might need a little love and appreciation today; a little reminder how much what you do matters.

I know that raising tweens and teens isn’t always easy, in fact many days it’s down right hard.

Everything is changing. Hormones are raging. Electronics are crazy making. And you worry and try to navigate it all.

Tweens and teens can be moody. They argue. It may be a daily power struggle to get them to help out. Connecting with them can produce only a grunt and a “fine.” You may feel exasperated by Fortnight and how much time they spend on their phone.

It’s easy to feel like you’re failing or a bad mom.


You try to get it right again and again and again all the while second guessing yourself.

And you may wonder,
“Does what I’m doing really matter? Does it make a difference?”

The answer is Yes.

The homework you monitor, the advice you give, the teacher’s conferences and extracurricular activities you attend, the doctor and dentist appointments you make, the conversations you try to have, the car pools you drive, the meals you make, the loads of laundry you do, the sleepless nights you worry, the advice you give (even when it falls on deaf ears), the arguments that ensue to get them to be responsible, the investment you make to try to help them be successful, the time you spend reminding them to pick up their stuff again and again…


Every ounce of energy you pour out matters.


You are their mother, their comforter, their rock, the one that constantly shows up even when it’s hard.

You are their biggest champion. You never give up on them even when they’re at their worst.

Believe me, you are not failing.

You are the most important woman in your child’s life.

You are fighting the good fight daily on their behalf.

You are striving to do what is right.

They may not treat you like they care or even like you right now.

But, deep down they know how much you love them and care about them.


You show up every single day even when it’s tough, you don’t quit.


And the Lord knows, most days it’s a thankless job. But that’s not why you do it.

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do if it ensured their happiness and well-being.


You have nurtured them, taught them, dressed them, fought for them, held them, and loved them unconditionally.


Whether they acknowledge it or not, in this moment, I want you to know that it all matters.


Day after day, year after year you deeply care.

When you child’s heart hurts so do you.

You are steadfast. Your love is constant. Unconditional. Never-ceasing.

You sacrifice everything because you love and want the best for your child.

There may be no thank yous or affirmation that you’re not perfect, only human.

You’re doing your best.

And what you do matters every single day.







Image Credit:

Court Prather


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