Dear Kids, on the Days AFTER Mother’s Day

mother's day is over

Dear Kids,

Mother’s Day was a lovely day, it really was. I enjoyed your cards, your hugs, and your “Thanks mom!” so very much.

Bless you.

I also really appreciated you guys taking time to clean out my car. This annual tradition is so desperately needed, because the dirt from fall sports is crusted under the sludge from the winter slop which is buried under the mud from the spring sports, and my gosh, who knows what’s in the back under all the coats and chairs and bags and bottles and wrappers and umbrellas. I welcome this gift with gratitude, every year. You guys rock.

But here’s what I need you to know…

Although Mother’s Day was special, it’s honestly just another day for me to be-


No matter all the hype of Mother’s Day, nothing really changes. I still make your meals, fold your laundry, and put allthethings back where they need to be.

I’ll still be driving you to the game, to work, and to any other activity that requires your attendance. I’ll still do the grocery shopping and even scrub the toilets because my gosh, it’s been too long.

At the end of this special day, I’m always back in the kitchen to prepare your lunches for school the next day, while wiping the counters for the 43rd time.

I’ll be up late checking game schedules, practice schedules, meet schedules, and printing off all the school informational emails that pour in this time of year.

In other words, I’m always doing my job, because my job doesn’t have days off.

And that’s okay. It’s the job I signed up for when I birthed you.

But the thing is, as much as I love your gratitude on Mother’s Day, I need it every day. I don’t need flowers or gifts or special favors, I’d much rather have this one little thing every single day of the year. It doesn’t take any of your hard-earned cash, nor does it take much of your time. I simply want you to thank me. Not just for the big things I do for you, but for the countless mundane tasks I complete every single day to ensure you are fed, clothed, and taken where you need to be.

A simple “Thanks Mom!” when I drop you off at practice, make your dinner, or wash your disgusting uniforms, will do a world of good for my heart. When you thank me, you acknowledge my work and knowing you see at least some of the things I do for you propels me forward to keep doing all the things I do for you with a happy heart, simply because you thanked me.

When I hear you say “Thanks Mom“, it so warms my heart and joy sparks and soars through my soul. Seriously, it means that much to me. Those two words can change everything. Knowing you see the value in the energy, effort, and time I put into raising you, caring for you, and serving you, shifts my perspective and inspires me to keep doing the hard work that is motherhood.

So while I appreciate your gratitude on Mother’s Day, will you start a new habit that continues to thank me through EVERY day of the year?

I know, I know… You DO thank me. Absolutely, you do. But I’d like more of it, please. You are old enough to be intentional with your words and these crazy busy years of parenting require much of me. They require much of you too, I know. Just try to remember the power of those two words, because when you use them, it makes your mom so very happy.

It will be like Mother’s Day, every day.

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  1. This is so true and so perfect, Chris. I still want that and my kids are long finished with needing rides, laundry done, and cooking. They tend to take for granted that mom will always be there to rely on, because she is and we are. Great post and what a cool site! So wonderful for parents of tween and teens. Keep up the fantastic work, Sheryl! I could have used a site like this when my kids were younger.

  2. I agree, Chris! It goes a really long way still because they’re so young but I remember thanking my parents repeatedly for nearly everything, and not just on special occasions. It was funny because there were five of us so we’d start a chorus of thank you… just for dinner! No “just” about it, though.

  3. I truly could have written this as this is exactly pretty much what I told my kids yesterday after Mother’s Day when all went back to status quo as mom to two young girls here. So, Chris I seriously couldn’t have worded this better if I tried. Hugs and still do hope that you had a lovely Mother’s Day, as well as get those simple, but much needed thank you’s now and every day, too!

  4. I didn’t get a “thank you” today but I got a “this is fun, right?” when I was trying to teach Tucker how to hit a badminton birdie. And I’ll take it because thank you means everything!!! Such a great article!

  5. One “thank you” is making such a difference you’re so right Chris. Well penned here!
    There’s a kid song my little one learnt at school last year that says “thank you” is one of the most important word to remember in all occasions. We love that song!
    We love “thank you” too.

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