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The 4 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make With Their Teens

Alright, moms, grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and let’s have a real chat. Parenting is no walk in the park, and once you toss in those unpredictable teenage years, it can feel more like navigating a maze during an earthquake. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we unintentionally put up barriers, making the road even rockier for our teens. We can all make many different mistakes with our teens, not realizing how it impacts their growth, resilience, and developing independence. Here’s a deeper dive into a few ways we might be adding some unnecessary challenges and how we can steer back on track. Here are the most common mistakes parents make with their teens:

1. The Helicopter Hover

We’ve all been there. The minute our teen is in trouble, we’re there faster than you can say, “Mom to the rescue!” It’s our natural instinct to protect and ensure our babies (because, let’s face it, they’ll always be our babies) are safe and happy. But sometimes, our super-parent cape can get in the way.

Every time we step in to shield them from life’s minor scrapes and bruises, we unintentionally deprive them of essential life experiences. Consider this: how did we learn some of our most valuable life lessons? Wasn’t it through those challenging moments, those minor stumbles and falls? If we’re always there, catching them before they trip, we might rob them of growth opportunities.

I’m not saying we should let them face massive issues alone. But maybe, just maybe, we should let them forget their homework once or twice or navigate a disagreement with a friend without our interference. These little battles arm them with resilience and wisdom.

2. Playing the “Woe is Me” Card

Teenagers have this uncanny ability to make a hurricane out of a puddle. One day, they adore us; the next, we’re the “worst parent ever.” And, oh boy, the drama. It’s like living with soap opera stars. While their outbursts can sting, we can’t let every moody retort get under our skin.

Dwelling on every eye roll or hurtful comment can easily turn our homes into tension-filled theaters. And let’s be honest, adding our own drama to the mix? That’s a recipe for an epic showdown. Instead of sinking into a pit of self-pity or flinging guilt trips their way, let’s choose to be the steady force amidst their emotional whirlwind. This too, shall pass; our patience today can pave the way for better communication tomorrow.

3. Do as I Say, Not as I Do? Nope!

Here’s a reality check: Teens have built-in hypocrisy detectors. They notice if we tell them to limit screen time but binge-watch our favorite shows every night or preach about healthy eating while sneaking late-night snacks. And trust me, they’ll call us out.

The age-old saying, “actions speak louder than words,” rings especially true here. Instead of lengthy lectures, let’s demonstrate the behavior we wish to see. Do you want them to be more responsible with chores? Let’s ensure we’re consistent with our tasks. Want them to read more? Let’s have family reading hours. Leading by example reinforces our message and strengthens our bond of trust.

4. Aiming for Picture-Perfect

Scrolling through social media, it’s easy to get trapped in the illusion that everyone else has it figured out. Perfect family photos, amazing vacation shots, kids winning awards – it’s the highlight reel of parenting. But life isn’t an Instagram feed. There are messy rooms, sibling fights, and days where everything goes haywire.

Setting the bar at perfection is not only unrealistic but also exhausting both for us and our teens. Instead of pushing for flawlessness, let’s embrace the messy and the imperfect. It’s in these real, unfiltered moments that the true bonding happens. Let’s celebrate small victories and remember that growth often comes from imperfection.

To wrap it up, the teenage years are like a roller coaster, complete with exhilarating highs and heart-stopping drops. But by being aware of these potential speed bumps, we can make the ride smoother and more enjoyable for everyone. And hey, before we know it, this ride will come to an end, and we’ll be reminiscing about these very days. So let’s make them count, bumps and all!

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