Starting the First Day of School Lets Put A Love Note In Our Teen’s and Tween’s Lunch Bag

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Starting the First Day of School Lets Put A Love Note In Our Kid’s Lunch Bag to Encourage and Share All The Things That We Appreciate and Love About Them!

My kids always experienced anxiety about the first day of school. It was hard to know what to do or say to best support them and lessen their anxiety. It was a powerless feeling.

School can bring up so much anxiety and stress for our kids (and us!) – friendship struggles, social and academic pressures and stress, more responsibility, balancing activities with school work (not to mention dealing with the distractions of technology on top of it all!).

What mom reading this doesn’t feel stressed and overwhelmed helping their kids navigate it all?

We often don’t realize how much we nag, lecture, and point out all the things that they’re forgetting, not doing, or what we believe needs improvement (because as we know there can be a lot!)

What we focus on grows. 

This is especially true with our kids! When we focus on the positive (versus nagging and lecturing), we encourage and build them up. 

Let’s plant seeds in our kids’ lives that bring life. Let’s nurture and water their hearts because they need it desperately! 

So this month when school starts, we are going to provide you with Lunch Bag Love notes that can help you to connect with your tween and teen’s heart.

We challenge you to use our already prepared for you notes of encouragement, love, and affirmation.

Cut out our Printable Lunch Bag Love Notes and add your own messages with our promptings to write an affirmation or message of love on each note.

Every morning stick one of those notes in the lunch bag or somewhere your child is sure to see it!

It takes less than five seconds to write out “I love you!” Let’s encourage our kids and remind them how much they mean to us! 


And we want to make it easier for you!


Sign up and we’ll send you 9 pages of printable notes!!!!! You will also get some blank templates for you to add your own.

Sign up here, and receive the printable ready to cut out notes and affirmations to help the ball start rolling!

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