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The End-Of-The-School-Year Transitions Are Hard For Moms

This time of year can be crazy, with a whirlwind of end-of-school activities and so many emotions we can feel as we experience all the transitions and changes in our kids’ lives. Whether you have a seventh grader, an eighth grader preparing for high school, a child graduating high school, or a college graduate, each stage presents its own set of joys, challenges, and deep emotions. It’s also incredibly overwhelming having to manage all the details of these remaining weeks with SO. MUCH. GOING. ON. It’s a frenzied and frantic pace that just won’t stop until the school year ends.

I get it, Mamas. I remember those times when I thought I just couldn’t keep up with my kids’ lives while also needing to juggle things going on in my own life.

Here are some posts that reflect this emotional, fast-paced season that I hope will give you hope and encouragement:

Caught in the Crazy End of Year Chaos? Take comfort. You’re not alone.

We are all exhausted. We are in a season of ‘GO’ over here. There is rarely a night we don’t have anything planned. And it seems to be taking a toll on me and both of my sons.

Our tweens and teens are growing up before our eyes, and what an emotional rollercoaster this is!

Here’s one mom’s emotional journey watching her son navigate seventh grade and make strides from a boy to a young man—the growing pains, learning boundaries, hard lessons, second chances, and humbling seasons.

Perhaps you have an 8th grader graduating

As I sit here, reflecting on my 8th grader’s impending graduation, my heart swells with emotions. It will be a bittersweet moment, watching my 8th-grader graduate and leave behind the familiar halls of middle school and prepare to step into the vast, unchartered territory of high school. There’s excitement, apprehension, and pride, yet a pang of nostalgia for the days gone by and knowing we are moving on.

And if you have a senior graduating, you might be freaking out right about now…

Our babies are graduating, and soon, they will be packing up their things, preparing to spread their wings, and leaving our home where they’ve lived for 18 years. We are saying goodbye to their childhoods and facing the painful reality of how fast it all goes. We’re constantly thinking, “How can it be that my baby’s all grown?” That’s why moms of graduating high school seniors are freaking out right now.

Through all of these transitions, one thing remains constant—the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood. We constantly oscillate between nostalgia for the past, trepidation, and, hopefully, some excitement for the future. We celebrate their achievements while grappling with the realization that our roles are shifting.

The end-of-the-school-year transitions are hard on us moms. It is a time of reflection, celebration, and bittersweet farewells. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by the flood of emotions, to shed tears as you watch them reach new milestones, to feel stressed out and exhausted, anxious and depleted as you manage everything going on right now. Take deep breaths and try to make room for windows of time—just for YOU. This will give you the strength and sustenance you need.

Let’s embrace this journey together, all the emotions we are feeling all at once, and choose to cherish these moments while looking forward with the faith and trust our tweens and teens so desperately need from us.

While there may be obstacles and bumps in the road, I know one thing is for sure: Your tweens and teens are extraordinary individuals, and there is no one like them. They are learning and growing and finding their footing and path. While they will stumble, we will be here to remind them that it is a privilege to be their mom and watch it unfold.

Rooting so hard for us!

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