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Moms Of Graduating High School Seniors Are Freaking Out Right Now

Our babies are graduating, and soon, they will be packing up their things, preparing to spread their wings, and leaving our home where they’ve lived for 18 years. We are saying goodbye to their childhoods and facing the painful reality of how fast it all goes. We’re constantly thinking, “How can it be that my baby’s all grown?” That’s why moms of graduating high school seniors are freaking out right now.

Everything in our world will be changing and this new revelation is sinking in as it all culminates in their high school graduation. We are succumbing to this aching feeling while also getting surges of excitement for our seniors’ future. It’s a constant emotional whirlwind we are experiencing that leaves us feeling nostalgic, sad, excited, and exhausted.

We are both hopeful and anxious, wondering if we did enough to prepare them to be on their own and worrying if they will be okay and succeed wherever they go. It’s a lot to process as a mom. Some days, we feel sentimental and distraught, while other days, we feel overjoyed and ready for them to be on their way out. (Like seriously, ready. 😉)

This is the life of a mom of a soon-to-be high school graduate. We are doing our best to keep it together and not fall apart every step of the way. But my gosh, we sure could use a good cry and a restorative reprieve from it all now and then.

So, moms of high school seniors, let’s make sure we take the time to rest any chance we get, embrace all these years we’ve raised our kids, and enjoy looking back on this rewarding and long road of parenting we’ve traveled. Let’s make room for self-care—doing things just for us that sustain our mental and physical health during this stressful, exhausting, and incredibly exciting season of motherhood.

This might feel like the pinnacle of our kid’s life—but if we really think about it, the most important parts are scattered throughout all the years of raising them day in and day out. We hold the most intimate view and carry the most cherished memories of our precious child’s story. Every special piece has been embedded in our hearts and will live there for the rest of our lives. We have experienced all the highs and lows, challenges and triumphs, incredible accomplishments, and tough decisions with our kids while they’ve gone through so much to get to where they are now.

This is a big deal—all of it—for our kids and for us. So, soak it all in, let it all out, rejoice, reflect, and restore when you can. Let’s celebrate our beloved babies and thank God for the greatest gift we’ve been given- to be the mom of a soon-to-be graduate.

Hold on for the rollercoaster ride as this momentous season of being a mom turns around unpredictable corners and flips in twisting circles and chugs up hills while we hold on tight for the free-falling thrill that is terrifying and fun. We’ll hold our breath and white-knuckle it all the way through until it chugs to a slow screeching halt. Then, we’ll exhale a sigh of relief with sweaty palms, slowly releasing our grip on our babies until they leave home. 

Let’s take it one day at a time through this incredible experience and savor every moment we can while watching our kids pass over the threshold of their childhood and into a new season of adulthood. We all know they still have lots of growing up to do, and we will continue to help them grow into the best person they can be- with whatever they choose to do.

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