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Moms Of Seniors, How Are You Doing?

Moms Of Seniors, How Are You Doing?

Hey, moms of seniors! How are you doing right now?

As we near the end of the year, I can’t help but think about those of you who have kids who are graduating high school. I remember the mix of emotions—overwhelmed, proud, and nostalgic—juggling graduation parties and last-minute high school activities. Letting go isn’t easy as our kids head off to college or explore new pursuits. I want you to know that it is totally normal to worry about their readiness for independence and the unknowns ahead!

If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Whether your senior is thriving or facing challenges, know that your feelings are valid. There are so many unknowns that we can worry about.

We can be afraid they aren’t ready because there’s still so much they need to learn.

Or you may be wondering if you’ve done enough to prepare them to be independent.

As someone who has been there and relates to the rollercoaster of emotions and fears, I want to offer you a truth that I hope will bring you some encouragement.

Here’s the truth…

They are never fully ready! It’s soooo true. And it’s okay. Let’ me ask you a personal question – were you ready when you graduated from high school? I sure wasn’t! It wasn’t until I got out on my own that I was forced to do things that I didn’t have to do when I was living at home. You better believe me: I made a ton of mistakes (and stupid decisions). And our kids will learn too and often they will learn from making mistakes.

So remember, even if you’re feeling anxious, it’s totally normal. Set those fears aside and embrace these moments with your kid, cherishing the celebrations and special events. Remember, your role as a parent continues beyond high school. Your guidance and support will be invaluable as they navigate this next phase of their lives.

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Dear Moms of seniors, as your beloved baby embarks on this milestone journey, I want to acknowledge the whirlwind of emotions you’re experiencing. Your resilience and dedication as a parent are admirable, and I’m truly proud of you. Embrace this bittersweet moment, allowing yourself to shed both happy and nostalgic tears. Remember, this isn’t the end of your journey; it’s a new chapter filled with endless opportunities for growth and shared experiences. Your role as a guiding force in your child’s life continues, offering support and wisdom as they navigate the path ahead.

Your unwavering love, guidance, and support matter. Just you being here and reading this shows how much you love and care about your kid. Remember, your parenting journey is far from over—here’s to good things to come!

I’m rooting so hard for YOU!

xo Sheryl 💕💕

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