10 Ways You Are Embarrassing Your Teen or Tween


It threw me for a loop.


I caught cooties the day my child morphed into a tween. Overnight I became too uncool for school.


We were in the grocery store deciding which yogurt to buy, when a group of boys came around the corner and began walking towards us, I looked up and my tween was gone.

Poof! Nowhere to be found.

Later, I discovered my tween in the shampoo aisle staring blankly at Head and Shoulders!


Honestly, I thought I was pretty cool and sassy. I’d even put makeup on that day!

This was just the beginning.


Sound familiar?


Have you caught cooties too?


When I asked the question in our MOTTS community, “What do you do that embarrasses your tweens and teens?”  


Guess what the #1 answer hands down was?




One mother answered, “When I breathe.


Let’s start a cooties club! It would bring such comfort.


Here’s the poll results from the MOTTS community.


10 Ways Your Teen or Tween Finds You Embarrassing:


  1. They won’t be seen in a restaurant with you unless you’re in a different state.
  2. They’re embarrassed when you talk to their friends or anybody for that matter!
  3. You’re weird when you say “hi” to someone.
  4. They look down at their phone when they’re seen with you or walk behind you like they don’t know you.
  5. They hide if you sing or dance in public.
  6. Whatever you do don’t hug them in front of anyone!
  7. They nitpick the little stuff you do – “Why do you say hi two octaves higher?” or “You’re chewing too loud.” Your outfits become hideous and your music intolerable.
  8. No more family movie nights unless they’re sick or really desperate.
  9. It’s a death sentence when you go to the door to meet a friend’s parents. If you call the parents it’s even worse; you’re neurotic.
  10. You’re the strictest parent in town.


If you answered yes to more than 2 you get to join the MOTTS cooties club!


At times, we may ask ourselves, “What am I doing wrong?”


Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

They just have to get through this hormonal brain wiring phase.

And, we will survive by not taking it personally.


Luckily, this won’t last forever. Somewhere along the line, my oldest two started thinking I was cool again (even if they still think I’m in need of some fashion sense and they hate the way I say hi an octave too high).

So, let’s keep strutting our stuff and our hideous clothes that we’re so fond of.

I embarrass my teen tween


Let’s stay positive.


Hug them when nobody’s watching.

Fight for and not against them.

And, tell them what we love about them daily.


And remember, they really do love you!


Grace and peace,



I embarrass my teen tween

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