20 Summer Boredom Busters Guaranteed to Get Them Off Electronics and Having a Blast!

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Summer is here and school is out! Kids are at a time when they are excited to take a much-needed break from school, catch up on sleep, and most likely spend they will spend it chilling out by plugging in and playing video games, scrolling social media, and watching YouTube and Netflix all day long.

This can drive us crazy as Moms!

When we finally peel them away from their electronics they can complain that they’re bored and have nothing to do.

This summer YOU CAN get your tween or teen off the couch, lure them away from electronics and laugh together as a family until your sides ache.

Here are 20 Ways guaranteed to make your tween or teen, friends and family have a blast:

Wet Head

The fun and silly water roulette game.

Wet Head is a family game where someone gets soaked and everyone has fun!

Players take turns wearing the helmet, spinning the spinner, and pulling the plug on the indicated number of rods sticking out of the hat. Pull the wrong rod and, you’ll get drenched as your friends and family squeal in delight. If you’re the bystander, don’t laugh too hard; you could be next as you refill the top and play again.


Super Splashers

These reusable water weapons refill in seconds!

A perfect artillery for soaking an opponent in a backyard battle – it fills up in seconds with just a dunk in the water. No only that, they’re reusable and there’s no latex debris afterwards to clean up (Moms, we LOVE that!) When you hit your target, the water shoots out through holes in the rubber shell to create a spectacular splash, hours of fun and lots of laughs!


Tie-Not Battle Pump

Portable water balloon filling and tying station.

Sick of your kids asking you to tie their water balloons?

The Tie-Not Tying Tool is pure genius. It creates perfect water balloon projectiles in seconds anywhere the battle rages. It has an easy-to-use pump and portable one-gallon jug makes it pure awesome.


Wild West Shooting Set


An infrared firing range that shoots targets into the air!

You and your kids will have a blast with this six-shooter Wild West Shooting Set that never runs out of ammo. That’s because your trusty weapon shoots an infrared beam to safely simulate rustic target practice.

While it won’t stop any outlaws, the revolver does the trick against the four included plastic targets shaped like cans and bottles. Coupled with breakaway bottles and appropriate sound effects, you’ll feel like you’re unloading on the plains instead of in your living room!


AquaPod Water Rocket Bottle Launcher

This Rocket Bottle Launcher is guaranteed to get your teenager off the couch within seconds from arriving at your door.

This Water Rocket Bottle Launcher launches 2L bottles up to 100 feet high in the sky! Awesome and designed for safety (so Mom can have peace of mind). Intended for ages 14+. To ensure safe operation, the unit is equipped with an over-pressure relief valve, a 15-foot-long launch string, and a set of 4 extra O-rings.


Capture the Flag Redux

Play glow in the dark capture the flag!

This game is fun for the whole family and getting the whole neighborhood playing (with 16 LED bracelets in two different colors), just like the ‘ole days only cooler!  

This  night version of Capture the Flag, adds a new level of fun an intrigue and is a summer camp favorite. It uses LED lights to let you play under the cover of darkness. The traditional flags are replaced with glowing orbs while colored LED bracelets let you easily discern friend from foe—and prevent you from crashing into either.


PowerUp 2.0: Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Toss homemade paper airplanes hundreds of feet!

Dramatically extend the loft and distance of your home made paper airplanes with the PowerUp Electric Power Module.

Using a powerful propeller attached to a durable carbon fiber shaft, the PowerUp can create flights lasting up to two minutes long and traveling hundreds of yards!

The simple clip-on design will fit onto nearly any paper airplane. Once attached, press the small hand-held charger into the nose of the power module for up to 20 seconds. The propeller will start spinning upon contact and once it’s up to max speed, you’re ready for take-off!

Each kit includes a storage case, instructions, power module, charging unit, and spare propeller. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

It’s super easy and powerfully addictive (we could only hope more addictive than XBox!).


Slushy Maker

Create a slushy from your favorite drinks in less than a minute.

This Slushy Maker is so cool you can customize your own cold concoction. You can slush a soda, have a frozen frappuccino, or brew an icy iced tea.  Or try something you’ve never seen before, like a chocolate milk slushy! The reusable Slushy Maker lets you experiment with a new flavor every day. Simply wash and refreeze the cup to begin your next frozen adventure. Just freeze and squeeze!


Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball

A gigantic six-foot diameter blow-up soccer ball.

This Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball is the King Kong of blow-up spherical toys.

Everywhere you take this gargantuan soccer ball, heads are going to turn. Fashioned out of thick and durable plastic, the Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball can handle its fair share of swift kicks and gets an A+ for durability!


TurboSpoke Bicycle Exhaust System

This will guarantee to get your kids riding their bikes again! The TurboSpoke Bicycle Exhaust System is like strapping a dirt bike engine onto the back of your bicycle!

Easy installation takes less than five minutes and comes equipped with three waterproof Motocards, which each produce a different engine sound when struck by the spokes of your bicycle and not only that, it comes with 15 stickers to decorate the TurboSpoke. Installation requires an allen wrench which is included. Motocard refill packs are available.


The 10-foot Pogo Stick

A super-charged pogo stick that jumps 10 feet in the air is fun for all!

This bad boy can propel you up to ten feet in the air with an air-powered cylinder and is mod-friendly, so don’t worry,  if someone in the family or friends aren’t ready to attempt world records. It will raise and lower your bounce so you can find the level that’s right (for us Moms if we dare!).

If you’re not quite ready to attempt world records, don’t worry: the 10-foot Pogo Stick is fun for almost any size and skill level. Exercise and fun don’t always go hand-in-hand but the 10-foot Pogo Stick gives you a workout while you play! The combination of jumping and balancing is a great way to increase your heart rate while working your muscles.


Spikeball Set

Unique, energetic game combines volleyball and four square.

Challenge your kids and their friends to a fast-paced and competitive game that will get you blocking, diving, and spiking (and panting).

Spikeball is similar to volleyball, but instead of hitting the ball over a net, you hit the ball directly into one. The round net is stretched tightly over a plastic rim, giving the ball a nice bounce when it hits.

A full body workout and assembles in minutes!


Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker


Make your own ice cream sandwiches using your own favorite flavors!

Summer means hot days and frozen treats—so why not make your own using your favorite flavors? The Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker gives you the tools you need to easily create ice cream sandwiches using your own ingredients or crazy combos!


Smartphone Projector

Transform your mobile device into a personal cinema in any room!

Go ahead and share all of your Instagram photos with friends or watch all three extended Lord of The Rings movies in one sitting.

With the built-in slot for your power adapter, you can view all of your phone’s content from the comfort of your couch, bed, floor, or wherever! And kids will enjoy the feeling of having their very own personal movie theater!

The Smartphone Projector can accommodate nearly any phone. Any device up to 6.2″ wide and 3.2″ tall will fit.


Makey Makey

Make everyday objects do amazing things.

Science + Art = Awesome

Build whimsical inventions, create interactive art, and compose electronic music with Makey Makey. When you clip real-world things to Makey Makey, it turns the objects into keyboard keys, so you can control your computer with anything from a carrot to a bowl of water.

Play Super Mario Bros. with blobs of Play-Doh, make Pac-Man eat ghosts with a controller you drew in pencil, or jam out with banana bongos. Anything that conducts even a tiny bit of electricity can become a key!

Confused? Click the image or the link and watch the video!

Buy Here


Stratolauncher IV Water Rocket

Water rocket launcher shoots bottles up to 350 feet!

NASA shouldn’t have all the fun, so pick up a Stratolauncher and shoot your own rocket sky-high! This launch kit turns an ordinary soda bottle into a missile powered by nothing but pressure (and a little bit of water). Pump it up and fly it up to 350 feet in the air!

Fill up your bottle with fuel (regular tap water), mount it on the launch platform, and pressurize the system with your own bike pump. Then stand back to a safe distance and squeeze the trigger to pull the ripcord and let her fly!

With a built-in safety relief valve, StratoLauncher makes for an engaging STEAM toy that’s reusable, safe, and fun for ages 10 and up!


World’s Smallest Super Soaker

(If it’s sold out get an email when it’s available!)

Pocket-sized water pistol shaped like a Super Soaker.

Water guns are the safe and harmless way to wage war against a friend or assassinate a parent’s patience, and there’s never been a better water weapon than the World’s Smallest Super Soaker! It takes the iconic blasters you know and shrinks them to pocket-sized proportions without losing any of the detail or fun! With either model, use the pump-action lever to shoot a soaking stream across the room.


Populele App-Controlled Ukulele

Smart ukulele that teaches you how to play.

With Populele’s fun and easy help, family members can quickly become a ukulele pro playing your favorite songs!


Technological advances have made learning easier, faster, and more convenient than ever. Well now Bluetooth and LED technology can help you learn to play the charming ukulele. This island instrument connects to your smart device and walks you through every step from how to hold the instrument correctly to how to play today’s radio hits. Just set your phone or tablet in front of you and begin your musical journey.


Neoballs Magnetic Constructors

Fun magnetic orbs ideal for building a gallery of magnetic masterpieces!

These magnetic constructors are perfect for fidgeting or as building blocks that snap together with ease, allowing you to combine simple symmetrical shapes to create complex creations. With enough sets (and a lot of patience!) you can create miniature spaceships, motorcycles, elephants and more.


You’ll find family fingers being attracted to this curious plaything again and again.


Soak N Wet Personal Dunk Tank

A get-soaked skill game that’s like having your own personal dunk tank!

Turn your backyard into a carnival! Your own personal dunk tank, this portable game assembles in minutes and is perfect for outdoor fun, fundraisers, and more. Strike the target, and the person sitting under the bucket will get soaking wet!


The Soak N Wet uses a bucketful of fresh water each time—and without having to get up! Simply screw your hose into the attachment and use the control lever to fill up the bucket.


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