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Enjoy the Simple Things This Holiday Season With A Mindfulness Mediation

Remember To Slow Down And Savor The Simple Things

The other day I read an article that I loved written by Daytona Strong, titled – “Why You Need A Hygge Family Holiday This Year.”


Strong explained this word “hygge”  (pronounced HOO-gah) and what she shared really spoke to me. Hygge is the perfect antidote to the stress and busy-ness of the holiday season. It’s a Scandinavian term, and being Scandinavian I especially like it.  Although, even if I wasn’t Scandinavian, I would love this word because it perfectly describes how I want to live, and BE not only during the holidays but everyday.


Strong explains the meaning and origin of Hygge  – it is a term that conveys “a cozy, warm lifestyle and an emphasis on well-being that is embraced throughout Scandinavia.”

Hygge describes a way of being –  intentionally slowing down and savoring the simple things in the moment. Just typing these words creates an “ahhh” moment, a space to breathe, and a feeling of calm.


Hygge is a beautiful reminder of a powerful truth – it is the simple things that often bring us the greatest pleasure.


This holiday season join me in embracing hygge. Let’s take in the moment – light a candle, sip some hot chocolate in front of the fire and get cozy with our family. Let’s enjoy being together with no agenda remembering to appreciate and listen to those we love. I’m going to remind myself to focus on one task at a time. When I multitask I get distracted and miss the simple beauty right in front me – the snow, a smile, hearing my  child’s laugh, the feel of a warm soft blanket. There are so many little things to be grateful for that I don’t want to miss!


Hygee is the word I am continually searching for  – a word that describes a place that we all long to be –  a place that feels safe, loving and accepting; a place where we can rest and be ourselves.


So in honor of the word hygge and this season, here is my little gift to you!

I invite you to slow down and connect with your heart with this 5 minute mindfulness meditation!

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