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A Holiday Gift Guide Just For Dads

gifts just for him

Dads can be notoriously tricky to buy for, which is why we put together this holiday gift guide just for dads! Below, you’ll find some fresh ideas on old favorites. From BBQ rubs to a charging port he can call his very own – this Christmas, you’ll be his favorite Mrs. Claus.

And if you’re going to do some BBQ’ing with that rub, invite us over, would ya?

Coleman Vintage Cooler

Remember those cool coolers from when we were little? Coleman still makes them! How great of a gift would this be? Fill it up with camping gear (socks, koozies, or utensils) for an added surprise!

Vintage Coleman Cooler

Carhartt Gloves

Carhartt is a brand that’s definitely going to last – no matter the wear and tear your man puts them through. These gloves would be a perfect stocking stuffer!

Carhartt Work Gloves

Leather and Knit Wingtips

We have it on good authority that these are the shoes to have right now! Looks like a dress shoe, feels like (and acts like) a gym shoe!

Columbia Men’s Fishing Shirt

Not only are these totally in style right now, but they’re also incredibly comfortable, breathable, and easy to wash.

Columbia Fishing Shirt

BBQ Seasonings

Another really great stocking stuffer. Not only are they Organic but they are the highest rated set as well!

Norelco Waterproof Electric Razor

Is it time for an upgrade? This razor is like the Ferrari of electric razors, dad deserves something special for his handsome face, doesn’t he?


Yeti Rambler with Chug Top

Have you seen what they did to the rambler?? They added this cool chug top! So it’s easy to add ice to, but still so easy to drink out of! It even made an appearance on CNN’s best gifts show! This would be awesome for ALL of the men in your life: teachers, husbands, kids, neighbors, etc. And check out all of the colors!

Charging Dock

And now for a new trick: No one steals dad’s charging cables anymore. Put this on his nightstand and he’ll finally have something that’s all his own.

6 Pack Holster

This is a super fun gift that would be perfect for Christmas party gag gifts. Fill it with your man’s favorite drink, choose a variety of fun new sodas, or if it’s a new dad: fill it with bottles. Whatever you choose to do, this is a gift we never knew we even needed – until right now.

6 Pack Holster

Garage Door Opener  – Wireless & Wi-Fi enabled Garage Hub with Smartphone Control

Is your guy a techie? This is an awesome gift. Control your garage door from your phone. This might be a great option if you’re not ready yet to trust your kids with house keys. They can let you know when they’re getting off the bus, and you can open the garage for them from wherever you are.

Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

This is another “didn’t know we needed it until right now” gift. If your man is a big griller or barbecuer, these are ridiculously handy.

Toilet Light

Because why wouldn’t you have a toilet light??

Toilet Light


If he’s anything like the men in my life he spends a lot of time in the car, or even out there shoveling or if you’re lucky enough to be somewhere warm enough to BBQ, then he can stick in some earbuds and listen to his favorite book!

Bluetooth Beanie With Wireless Headphones

For rocking out even in the coldest weather!

Bluetooth Wireless Ear Buds

These are always a great gift.

Slim Wallet 

This functional wallet is super slim and functional and includes the safety of RFID protection.

Natural Head Tension Reliever 

From holiday stresses, your husband can definitely be experiencing some physical tension. This magical medical device reduces headaches and migraines. And you might just want to steal it from him!

Bear Paws the Original Shredder with Gloves

For your meat lovers out there! They will be sure to appreciate this gift. 

Reusable Whiteboard Notebook

Nowadays, everyone is using their computers to write their to-do’s. I don’t know about you, but it is so helpful to have a physical notebook. This reusable whiteboard notebook is a perfect gift for your hubby and something he will have for a long time. 

Sheepskin Insoles 

Are your husband’s insoles getting gross or worn out? If so, what better than to get him insoles with sheepskin that will keep his feet warm this winter1

Portable Resistance Training System

Now the new year is coming around the corner…need I say more?

Cotton Embroidered Socks

I just couldn’t make a men’s gift guide without including some decorative socks!

Make-Your-Own Hot Sauce Kit

Has quarantine made your husband into a cooking machine? Well, this gift is great for him! It is a kit that is packed with everything he will need to make his own sauce! 

Electric Beard Trimmer 

Make his shaving job easier with this trimmer kit with six accessories!

We hope you found the perfect gift in our holiday gift guide just for dads! Just in case you did not find what you were looking for, no worries! We have our very own Moms of Tweens and Teens Amazon page filled with even more gift ideas for Dad and everyone else on your list! We hope you will check it out HERE!

I’m so happy you’re here. I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase, I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!

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