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Understanding Tween and Teen Boys: Top 10 Articles for Moms

Understanding Tween and Teen Boys: Top Articles for Moms

Moms have a unique relationship with their boys, which is probably why our articles about parenting our tween or teen boys are so popular! Although we go through many common issues and exciting experiences with both our daughters and sons, raising a son is often quite different from raising a daughter. As women, understanding tween and teen boys can be challenging as they go through puberty and mature! If you are a mom of a tween or teen boy, the following top articles for moms about parenting boys will give you the encouragement, affirmation, and guidance you need!

Understanding Tween and Teen Boys: Ten Top Articles for Moms

Dear Teen Son, You Need to Learn These Five Important Social Skills

Dear teen son,

You’ll need to learn many skills during these pivotal years that will help you be responsible and successful when you’re on your own. You know we are pretty intent on teaching you the values and virtues we uphold in our family, and seeing you demonstrate them in your choices every day brings me so much joy. Being a teen can be hard, and I am so proud of who you are growing up to be.

There is, however, one area we need to address that I’ve seen other teen boys struggle with, too. It’s your (in)ability to demonstrate basic interpersonal skills when you are engaging with other people. Of course, conversations with your friends will be different, but when communicating with anyone else, especially adults, you need to practice good people skills to do it well. This will require some effort and discomfort on your part. I know it doesn’t come naturally. I get that. I really do. It’s just not your thing, and really, I believe most kids your age feel the same way, especially boys. Continue reading HERE

16 Things Your Teen Son Won’t Tell You

When my son began to inch toward high school, I became increasingly aware that our relationship was changing as he was beginning to morph into a young man. He didn’t follow me around the house like he did when he was young. He was no longer the chatterbox who went on and on about the various facets of his day. It was like overnight he was suddenly a miniature grown-up who needed to decompress alone after school and tried to mask his emotions when I sensed he was upset.

I didn’t know how to connect with him. If I gave him space, I felt like I was neglecting him or failing to meet his needs as his mother. If I asked what was wrong, I felt like I was instantaneously overbearing. It took a concerted effort to hide my overwhelming sense of relief and happiness when he opened up about himself or needed me in some way. I felt giddy when he’d tell me about his day and felt scared he’d smell my glee and retreat back into his teenage solitude.

You know what I’m talking about if you have an adolescent son. I needed to honor his growth process and learn new ways to connect with him.

I asked my twenty-four-year-old son to reflect on what he wanted and needed when he was a teenager. Here are his answers. Continue reading HERE

10 Things You Need To Know When Your Son Goes Through Puberty

I can’t remember the exact day my son hit puberty, it seemed like it would never happen, and then it hit me when I wasn’t looking. Honestly, as prepared as I thought I was, I clearly didn’t know anything.

I know we all have our different paths when it comes to parenting, but if someone would have warned me, and maybe let me know that he would come back to me, that would have been great.

What I hope to do here is just that: I’d like to offer an encouraging word and factual preparation for those currently on the journey. May it do what I hope it will do… make you, Mama, feel less alone. Continue reading HERE.

8 Ways to Connect With Your Teen Son When He Won’t Talk to You

I can’t tell you how often I hear from moms who are struggling with the same thing with their teen boys.

When they start pulling away, it’s hard not to take it personally. 

What are we to do?

Rather than focus on our hearts lying broken on the floor, we can still find ways to connect with our sons. Here are some great ideas on how to build connection and fun while giving them the space that they need. Continue reading HERE. 

And Then My Son Turned 13…

Just last year, my son was the Sixth Grade Class President. He was involved in several social clubs as well as Staff Senate. He was an emerging star athlete, competing for his school in basketball and track. He was literally the poster child for the perfect sixth grader, the perfect all-around kid in general. 

And then my son turned 13. 

His seventh-grade year, while barely just begun, started with in-school suspension, numerous calls and e-mails from teachers and the administration, and even complaints from other parents. His dad and I were flabbergasted! Was this the same kid that, less than 12 months prior, was at the top of his class and leading his young cohorts forward to positively change the world?! Continue reading HERE.

He Didn’t Ask Me If I Was Done Wanting Him To Call Me Mama

He didn’t ask me if I was ready.

He should’ve, right?

He didn’t ask if I was ready for him to be done calling me “Mama.” One day, that word, the sweetest word in the English language, was just gone. Erased from his little kindergartner vocabulary.

He didn’t ask if I was ready for him to give up Halloween in 5th grade. If he had, I would’ve taken notes. I would’ve gotten extra pictures of him in his zombie costume the year before. What kid just gives up Halloween cold turkey?

He certainly didn’t ask if I was ready for him to go to college. The ACT came and went, the college letters flooded our mailbox, and scholarship offers were made. Good grief, last I checked, he didn’t even know if he WANTED to go to college. Continue reading HERE

I Asked My Son Why He Likes Video Games… His Answer Surprised Me

If you were to poll a room of moms of teenagers (particularly teenage boys) on what one of their kid’s most annoying habits is, I can guarantee you that video games would be at the forefront. Our kids are growing up in a society where screens have overrun their entire lives. Our little boys have traded in their childish worlds of imagination and LEGO creations for a new realm of make-believe land: video games. 

The gaming world is a universe all it’s own, it has its own language, its own rules, and its very own culture. I personally don’t speak this language and I certainly don’t understand the culture. How can anyone spend hours upon hours engrossed in this alternate reality, yelling into headphones and shooting at aliens? 

I have often found myself annoyed at this perplexing pastime that makes no sense to me. How many times have I asked my son to come to supper and heard, “Mom, I’m in a game. I’ll be out when I die.” or how many times have I shouted, “Hurry up and die so we can go, please!”? From conversations with many other mothers, I know I am not alone!

One day, I finally asked him… What is it about video games that is such a draw? Continue reading HERE

My Teen Son’s Journey With Anxiety And Growing Into A Leader

Parenting has been a roller-coaster, filled with unpredictable ups and downs, moments of immense joy, and nights soaked in worry. But of all the tales I’ve amassed as a mother, one stands out – the journey of my teenage son, who had once battled crippling anxiety and emotional regulation problems. 

Today, as he prepares to embark on his college journey, my heart swells with pride and nostalgia, remembering the days I felt lost and the moments when I watched him transform into a beacon of strength and inspiration. This is the story of my teen son’s journey with anxiety and growing into a leader. Continue reading HERE

My Son Doesn’t Seem To Want to Grow Up

There are many names for it: tuck-in time, reading time, and cuddle time. There’s something special about ending the day together with your child, about being close to their little bodies, hearing about the antics of their days.

Until they are full-sized, pimply, pubescent teenagers. 

I know I should be happy that my fourteen-year-old is asking for me for a “lie down” prior to his departure to Dream Land. After all, it is in these moments, garbed in juvenile, cotton pjs, that magic happens; he feels all vulnerable to share his crushes, his insecurities, his deepest, darkest secrets.  

It’s just that at this point in my own childhood, I was putting my own dang self to sleep. Continue reading HERE

Dear Teen Boy, Here’s Why Your Mom Freaks Out All the Time

Dear teen boy,

Hey there! If you’re reading this, I’m sure your mom sent this for you to read, and I’m also pretty sure you are rolling your eyes right about now, ready to scan through this quickly and get on with more important things. But before you move on to TikTok or Snap or Insta or whatever video game you’re into these days, I want you to try really hard to stick with me here.

You see, I know your mom drives you crazy sometimes. I know she can be frustrating, dramatic, and annoying. But I would hope you’d like some advice on how to handle her, how to get along better with her when you think she’s being ridiculous. I will make this fairly easy for you. And I’ll try to explain to you, as best I can, why all this matters. Continue reading HERE

We hope these top articles for moms helped you with understanding tween and teen boys! Parenting our sons through these pivotal years can be hard, but there’s something so special about a Mama and her boy!

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