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Dear Kids, I Know This New Normal is Hard, But I Promise You This

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Dear Kids,

I know you feel like you’re grounded forever, being stuck at home, torn away from the life you once knew.

This Coronavirus pandemic has upended your life in every possible way and it’s so hard to accept this “New Normal” we find ourselves in.

I know you miss your friends and all your activities and the freedom to go anywhere you want to go. I know you even miss going to school and learning from your teachers, too. It’s all so different and abnormal, and you can’t quite settle in. You just don’t really know how to live this way and you’re not sure how it’s all going to go.

You had so many exciting things to look forward to that have all been canceled. Your end-of-the-year school celebrations, graduations, and big trips planned were all taken away from you, never to be back on your calendar again. It’s an agonizing reality you are forced to face, and I know you are grieving the loss of so many things.

On top of all your overwhelming emotions about losing so much of your life, you also have to figure out how to do school in an entirely new way. Not having the structure of a school day and being in an actual classroom with your teachers by your side changes everything, and this adjustment will be so very hard too.  

It’s been a traumatic transition into the unknown, full of questions and confusion, frustration and fear. I know you feel unsettled, afraid of this virus and the rising cases all around us and the uncertainty it brings. I know you wonder who might get infected and you worry it might be someone you love. I know you’re afraid it could be you who gets sick, too.  

I know it can feel lonely, being so isolated from the rest of the world. I know being stuck in our home under these conditions can leave us all irritable and anxious, wishing this was all just a terrible nightmare we could finally wake up from so we could get back to our usual active lives.

I know you have so many feelings about so many things, but I want you to know I’ll be here for you through it all.

Ask me your questions, tell me your fears, share your frustrations and sadness and tears. I’ll do everything I can to guide you through all the twists and turns of this new life we now live.  

As your mom, my most important job is to take care of you. My greatest honor is to love you. And right now my purpose is a priority, my calling is critical, and my mission is mandatory. I will do everything I can to help you through these trying times.

I can’t promise you I will know all the answers, because no one really does. I can’t promise you no one will get sick, because that’s out of our control. I can’t promise you things will get better, because predictions are grim. I can’t promise you I can change any of these circumstances we are all in, but I can promise you this…


I will be your helper when you can’t do things on your own.

I will be your constant in our ever-changing world.

I will help you carry the heavy weight you bear.

I’ll be your stability; I’ll always be right here.


I will be your comforter when sadness settles in.

I will be your confidant when you need someone to trust.

I’ll be your encourager when you grow tired of it all.

I’ll be your safety net if you should ever fall.


I will be your anchor, as things spin out of control.

I will be your counselor when it all becomes too much.

I will be your company when you’re feeling so alone.

I will be your reminder of all we have at home.


For although we are stuck here in this place, scared and facing so many unknowns, the most important thing we have is each other and we can do this hard thing together.

It won’t be easy. We’re not used to living like this. There will be some bumps on this unpredictable road we’re traveling, full of tough terrain ahead. So, we’ll bend some rules and set new limits. We’ll figure things out as it all unfolds. We’ll be patient with one another and understanding each other’s needs as we learn new ways to love each other well.

We can’t control what’s going on around us, but within these walls, we will all do what we can to create memories that matter amidst this mess. We will make this time count for something good. I’ll make sure of that.

Dear kids, I believe in us. I believe in you. And no matter how hard things get, I promise you this:

We will make it through this together.

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  1. Kathleen Whitmer says:

    Spot on as we enter WEEK 3! Thank you!

  2. My kids are struggling amid this new normal, too. They miss their friends and their sports teams. This is really sinking in now, and my teenage daughter was very sad yesterday over all the losses. My oldest son won state in Deca and was supposed to go to nationals in Nashville. He was looking forward to prom, too. There’s sadness for all our teens, and that”s hard for parents to see. But I thank God for our health, my husband’s job, our comfortable home, the beautiful healthcare workers and the hope that keeps us going. I’m even grateful for social media, and the ability my kids have to play games with friends online or to skype. Now if I could only get my son to wake up before noon to start schoolwork, we’d be okay!

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