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When You Feel Like You Suck as a Mom, Here Are 25 Mantras to Keep You Sane

25 Mantras To Keep Moms Sane

My job as a mom right now sucks (can I just say that here?).

In this moment, I’m fighting the urge to blame myself for several of my young adult children’s behavior. Today is one of those days when I understand why moms run away from home; funny thing is we’re on a family vacation so I will stick around.

At times, parenting can make us feel like we’re failures. This feeling of “I suck” can be all-consuming if we give it too much power.

This is the perfect morning when I need to remind myself of what is true and good and get my head screwed on straight.

We are all prone to focus more on the negative; the areas we feel like we’re inadequate or surely we’ve messed up. Mantras and affirmations are a great way to fight back.

I need daily reminders and a mantra in my pocket when I’m feeling desperate and even when I’m not.

Here are 25 Mantras to Keep You Sane

Pick one or two that speak to you, write them down, and stick them somewhere handy.

1. I will not blame myself for every little thing my kid’s do that I can’t stand. It’s not all my fault.

2. I am more than enough. I will not sacrifice my day believing anything else. I will make this day a good one!

3. I will not allow the challenges that come my way to get me down. I have enough time, resources, and I am going to kick some butt.

4. I’m letting go of who I think I need to be. I am embracing the brave and courageous badass I am.

5. I am a blessing to my family. I won’t forget it.

6. I may be an imperfect mother, but I am the mother my kids need (and are stuck with 😉 ).

7. I will remember my children are my best teachers even though I may not understand the subject they’re teaching me at this moment!

8. Today, I will be the kind of person I would like my kids to become. (Really? Do I have to?) Yes. I will commit to doing just that.

9. I love my kids, even if I sometimes I don’t like them. I will give them and myself some grace.

10. I’m committed today to slowing down. I will choose to savor the blessings, moments, and create beautiful, imperfect memories.

11. Instead of worrying and taking myself too seriously, I will lighten up, be playful and laugh more than once today at myself.

12. I don’t have to love every moment of being a mother, (childbirth confirmed this fact) to love being a mom.

13. I will preserve my sanity by setting myself free from the expectations of my kids and others. I will make myself happy and the rest will fall into place.

14. I will be kind to myself above all else (then I will be better equipped to spread the love to my kids).

15. I will breathe. And walk out of the room when I need to.

16. I will withhold judgment and allow my kids to be who they are without attempting to change them. That never works, anyway.

17. I am not “just a mother.” This is the hardest, most demanding, and most important 24/7 job that holds no option of quitting.  I am going to own my CEO status with pride and downtime.

18. I’m giving up the act – no more striving, performing, or perfecting. I will trade it in for REAL and not care what anybody else thinks.

19. I’m done with the comparison game. I’m done questioning my own decisions based on what other moms are doing. “I’m smart enough, and doggone it, I like me!”

20. I’m not super mom. I’m human. I’m cutting myself some slack.

21. I’m done with feeling guilty. I’m saying no at least once today. Someone else can do the dishes, they can pick up their own stuff, and eat some cereal if I don’t make dinner. Nobody will die even though they may act like it.

22. I will do one thing to care for myself today no matter what seems more pressing. If they miss the bus they can walk or take a cab with their allowance. I’m going to my yoga class.

23. I choose to believe the Universe is on my side and working things out. This too shall pass. Everything will be better than okay and perhaps the way it was meant to.

24. It is not the end of the world that I yelled today (besides, they deserved it).

25. The simple fact that I would cut off my right arm or jump in front of a train for my kids; this makes me an awesome mom, hands down!

Press repeat when you need to.

I would love for you to share a few of your own mantras or affirmations! Humorous and heartfelt!


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