High School Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Teen Boy

What to get your favorite grad!

Do you have a favorite graduate this year? Even though the pandemic has silenced the graduation parties, you can still send an awesome gift! Check out the list we’ve compiled below for some great ideas!

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!
  • Mini Basketball Hoop – This hoop hangs easily over a door and will provide awesome study breaks!

Mini Basketball Hoop

Bedside Table

Collapsible Laundry

  • Lava Lamp – Can you have a dorm room without a lava lamp?

  • 39 Piece Tool Kit – This seems like a no-brainer. You name it, he’ll be able to fix it!

boys graduation gift

  • First Aid Kit – Soothe that momma heart with a 100 piece first aid kit. Stores easily in a closet, too!
    First Aid Kit
  • Power Tower – Extra USB plugs AND outlets for the win!

Plug-In Tower

  • Shower Caddy for Men – This is a great size, and with those long handles, it can easily hang behind a shower door.

Men's Shower Caddy

Shower Shoes

  • Personal Fan – Air circulation in a boy’s dorm = essential.

Personalized Fan

Leather Journal

Electric Hot Pot

  • Rocket Wave Notebook – Rocket Wave Notebooks are SO cool. Whatever you write is transferable to an app on your phone, but the magic happens when the book is full. Simply put it in the microwave and watch your text disappear. Use it over and over!

Rocket Wave Notebook

  • Portable Hammock – Your grad will be able to study outside in the fresh air. This portable hammock is durable and easy to use!

Portable Hammock

  • CraveBox – Snacks on snacks on snacks! Give it as a graduation gift, or wait until October, and send it to his dorm. Either way, he’ll love it


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