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Perfect Gifts For Your Tween Boy

Tween Boy Gift Guide

Do you have a Harry Potter fan? How about a tech fan? We’ve covered our bases on this particular gift guide. Boys always seem to be tough to buy for, but you can’t go wrong with Harry Potter Vans, or gamer socks.

And let us know if you play the Not Parent Approved card game – it’s one of our favorites!

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!

Harry Potter Legos

Not Parent Approved Game

  • I’m Gaming Socks – Stuff these down in a stocking for a great gift, too! If your kid has a Secret Santa gift for a youth group or a homeroom, these are an inexpensive option, as well!

Gamer Socks

  • Remote Control Car – This isn’t your average remote control vehicle because they have to build it first. They’ll love the critical thinking!

Remote Control Car

  • Backstop Net – Use for lacrosse, baseball, basketball, football, and any other thing that would require help to stop. Pro Tip: Put this at the end of your driveway and your kids won’t have to chase things down the street.

Backstop Net

Archi-Tech Smart House

  • Smart-Watch – Here’s an inexpensive option that monitors steps, sleep, and calories. Added bonus: It’s water-resistant.

Smart Watch

  • Skateboard – Every boy needs a skateboard, right? This reminds us of the trademark Vans print, too!


  • Drawing Set – Such a great value! There are TONS of different types of colors, PLUS two sketch pads!

Drawing Set

  • Master Chef Jr Cookbook – Do you have a future chef living in your house? Give them (and yourself!) the gift of learning to cook something better than grilled cheese and pasta!

  • Audible – Maybe carrying around a book isn’t their style? But reading doesn’t have to be paper on text. How about they take a break from their games on their phone and explore a new world?

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