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Where Do You Want to Grow in 2020?

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This past week, I’ve been reflecting on where I want to grow in 2020.


For the last 3 years, I’ve chosen one word at the beginning of the year. And I’ve invited Moms that I work with to do the same. I’ve found it to be a meaningful and powerful process.


Every new year reveals an over-arching theme that is unfolding in my life. My one word helps me to articulate what this is and open my heart to press in, allowing it to manifest itself in my life.

My “word” this year is urgency

My youngest daughter thought urgency sounded a little stressful. I don’t think so. 


Urgency is a powerful word. It propels me to lean into the things that tend to scare and even terrify me. 


This life is precious. And, I don’t want to allow fear to hold me back to really living out and leaning into what truly matters to me. This means saying yes to taking more risks,  opening my heart, not allowing the fear of rejection to hold me back from reaching out or asking for help, listening more versus trying to fix, being less guarded and loving those closest to me a little bit more, and believing more in myself and what I’m capable of.


This year I created value cards (I’ve attached them in this post so you can download them). A friend introduced me to this exercise. How it works is you go through the deck, kinda like your playing cards. You discard the words that don’t speak to you and pick the words that resonate with your heart. You whittle it down to your top 12 (which isn’t easy). Then you pick your #1. It was a fun and enlightening exercise. One that I want to share with you, so I’ve attached them here for you to use as well – do this exercise for yourself or invite your family or friends to join you.

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What might your word be?


What word speaks to your deeper needs right now; a word that resonates with your heart and can help you when you’re stuck? What word describes how you want to show up and become more of the person you want to be in 2020? I’d love for you to share your one word with me here!


Oh, and one more thing, have I mentioned how grateful I am for you?!!

Wishing you a blessed and very happy ringing in the new year with renewed expectation!

xo Sheryl


P.S. If you’d like to be more in a community this year with like-minded moms facing similar challenges, receive weekly support from me, and be inspired to become more of the mom and woman that you want to be. Check out our Inner Circle here!

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