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Hostess Gift Guide – Bring Your Hostess Something Special!

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If your hostess-with-the-mostest has invited you to her house for a holiday get-together, don’t forget to take her a gift! These can be the trickiest gifts to figure out. You don’t want to give her something she already has a thousand of, and you really want to give her something she can use.

From wine tumblers to wine stoppers, and from cookbooks to slippers – we’ve got you covered. Cheers to holiday party season!

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!
  • Wine Tumbler – If your tribe is anything like our tribe, then they **always** need more wine tumblers.

Gold Wine Tumblers

  • Cool Microwave Popcorn Popper – This hot air popcorn popper, pops microwave popcorn without even trying! Glass, not plastic, it will pop just as much popcorn as you need. Choose the snack or family size!

  • Yeti Insulated Coffee Cup – You know she wants to bring that coffee wherever she goes, but you also know that as a mom her coffee almost never stays hot, so help her out with this awesome mug available in so many fun colors!

  • Yonana Banana Soft Serve – Okay, you might be like “skip” but that’s because no one you know has ever made this for you! It is AMAZING and YUMMY and totally vegan and also did I say YUMMY?!

  • Wine Cork Holder – Are your hosts wine lovers, this is the best gift then! We know how much wine connesieurs love to hold on to their corks, how about doing it with this cool holder?

  • Drop Earrings – Drop earrings are super trendy right now, and these scream holiday! So fun!

Feather Drop Earrings

  • Charcuterie Board – These snack boards are one of our favorite things right now. Put whatever you want on one and bring it as your side dish, and then leave it for the hostess as her gift!

Charcuterie Board

  • Cheese Plate Utensils – Give us all the cheese. And even better if it’s served with sleek utensils.

  • Bread Plate – Go ahead and give us all the bread and appetizers, too.

  • Ugg Dupe – Slippers – These look just like the original Ugg slipper, but they’re a fraction of the price. The classic design makes them a great gift for any occasion.

Magnolia table

  • Sea Salt Sampler – Legend has it that if you say it three times fast, it’ll magically show up on your doorstep.

Sea Salt Sampler

Coffee Mugs - Set of Two

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Holiday Hostess Gifts

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