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Let’s Put A Heart on Our Kid’s Door Leading Up to Valentine’s Day to Tell Them All The Things We Love About Them!

valentine's day hearts on doors

Starting February 1st Lets Put A Heart on Our Kid’s Door to Tell Them All The Things That We Appreciate and Love About Them!

We do so much for our kids on a daily basis it’s easy to assume that our kids know how much we love them.

Yet, we often don’t realize how much we nag, lecture and point out all the things that they’re forgetting, not doing or what we believe needs improvement (because as we know there can be a lot!)

Without intending to, we can treat our kids more like “fixer upper” projects than the unique, one of a kind, amazing, miraculous beings that they are (even if they are snarky, sassy and sloppy these days!).

Our kids need to know how much they matter. They desperately need us to notice what they are doing well and how much we appreciate them.

What we focus on grows. Focus on the positive, build them up and you will find that just like watering a flower it grows. We want to plant seeds in our kids lives that bring life.

So this month and leading up to Valentine’s Day, we are going to provide you with ideas, inspiration and tips that can help you to connect with your tween and teen’s heart.

We challenge you to cut out 14 hearts and write an affirmation or message of love on each heart.

Every morning from February 1st to February 14th stick one of those hearts somewhere your child is sure to see it.

Let’s remind our kids and ourselves how much they mean to us!

And we want to make it easier for you!

Want some help and reminders?

Sign up here, we would love to send you some printable ready to cut out hearts and some affirmations to help the ball start rolling, and reminders to get those hearts done!

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I think a lot of our kids also have a bit of a mental filter wherein they notice far more negative feedback and filter out the positive. For usparents, that means we have to make the positive comments more often and more accessible

  2. Have shared this post so many times today! I LOVE the idea and am doing it myself! Going to batch my 3 sets of hearts today, which will give me all the feels when I think about all the reasons why I love my kids. Thanks!

  3. This is such a sweet and simple gesture of love. I am doing this for my rambunctious 3 year old who gets a lot of no’s to show her how much she is loved. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. My husband and have really enjoyed placing a heart of “love” on my daughters doors each night. They don’t say much, however we’ve seen them smile.

  5. I love this idea and once shared with me, I’ve shared it with 10 other moms who have begun it with their children. I ended up putting these hearts on their bedpost so that when they woke up, they saw them. My children became aware of all the things I love about them which affirmed their uniqueness and put their actions on display. The “icing” on the “heart” was when they teamed up and started taping hearts with messages on my bed! So glad you shared this idea with the world…it is doing what love should do…not stay in one place but spread, bringing awareness and life in us all!

  6. I shared this great idea on Facebook and at work. My girls are rushing to check their doors each morning to read the latest heart. Such a wonderful idea for them and for me too. Thanks for sharing it!

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