Dear Moms, I See All You Do For Your Kids. You Are Amazing.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I want to take a moment to honor YOU. I wish I could sit across from you, sharing a cup of coffee. I’d love to make space for you to share what’s on your heart—to hear what weighs you down—the worries and fears about your kid’s well-being, the mom wins, and the overwhelming chaos of motherhood during these roller-coaster years, and the profound journey of nurturing good human beings. You may not always receive the recognition you deserve, but what you do matters more than words can express. Oh, dear moms, I see all you do for your kids. You are AMAZING. You continue to show up day after day, night after night, through the highs and lows, the good days, and the hard days. All that moms do is nothing short of miraculous, really.

We don’t often think about every single thing we do for our kids because we are just too immersed in it all. It’s also pretty much impossible to calculate and document everything anyway. But if you would take a few minutes to simply think through all the tangible tasks and diligent duties you constantly do and every life lesson and daily living skill, you continue to teach. If you can imagine all the guidance, counsel, and emotional nourishment you give your kids to ensure their well-being while they’re slowly maturing- you would be amazed at all you do, too. Seriously.

I see you. I know you care deeply and want the best for your kids. Many days you spend worrying – am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? Are they going to be okay? How do I protect them and keep them safe? How can I be that person they want to talk to if they are struggling? How do I motivate them and get them to care so they can be successful in their lives? How do I make things better when I see how lonely they are?

It’s A LOT. Most days, as moms, we have more questions than answers. And I’m here to tell you that is okay. Our tweens and teens are in a huge growth and development process. They will make mistakes, struggle some days, have wins and challenges, and experience uncertainty. BUT…

One thing remains constant and true – YOU, even if your tween or teen doesn’t fully recognize this themselves. Through the ups and downs, the moments of connection, and the times of tension, you continue to show up every single day, putting their needs above your own, sometimes even to a fault, but nevertheless, your love is a love that knows no bounds. When their hearts ache, yours does, too.

YOU are enough

And if you need more encouragement and inspiration to believe that you are- You will surely find it in the Podcast I did with Rachel Marie Martin from Finding Joy, where we talked about her incredible book called Mom Enough: Inspiring Letters for the Wonderfully Exhausting but Normal Days of Motherhood. 

I want to remind you that what you do matters deeply—your sacrifices, your guidance, your nurturing. It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers (none of us do). It’s okay if you lose your patience sometimes (we all do). We are all beautiful and messy works in progress, always learning and growing, and so are our kids.

I have a feeling you might need a little love and appreciation today, a little reminder of how much what you do matters.

I know that raising tweens and teens isn’t always easy; many days, it’s downright hard. Everything is changing. Hormones are raging. Electronics are crazy making. And you worry and try to navigate it all. Tweens and teens can be moody. They argue. It may be a daily power struggle to get them to help out. Connecting with them can produce only a grunt and a “fine.” You may feel exasperated by Fortnight and how much time they spend on their phone.

It’s easy to feel like you’re failing or a bad mom.

You try to get it right again and again and again, all the while second-guessing yourself.

And you may wonder,

“Does what I’m doing really matter? Does it make a difference?”

The answer is Yes.

On this Mother’s Day, my prayer is that you will soak in the grace, love, and appreciation that you so deserve.

Wishing you a Mother’s Day filled with love, appreciation, and joy from knowing you are making a profound difference in your kid’s life.

Tons of love,


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